LCD TV 123

Samsung LCD Black Shadow Problem

UPDATE: Issue has been set. Necessary entire dismantle of Television set and taping of a ribbon cable. 46″ Collection five (2009 model?) This difficulty began at the quite correct…

Pequeno assessment das funcionalidades de reprodução de arquivos de online video e utilização de conexão optica digita na recepção digital da tv aberta no televisor Sam…

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  1. Ahmet KILIC says:

    Inverter cleaned and the problem is solved, need for change of the service
    panel had said 🙂

  2. Dean66Essex says:

    Thats not fixed at all…half the text was missing. Ok it made the shadow
    and the colour go away but it DID NOT fix anything. Time to buy a new tv

  3. jimmymequick says:

    Where did you place the electrical tape on the ribbon cable? Was this a
    long term solution or did the problem come back? Thanks.

  4. BugEyeRex says:

    Problem fixed with a small bit of electrical tape!

  5. hannah z says:

    I have the same tv and the same exact problem. It used to go away on its
    own when the televison warmed up and then later it used to go away if you
    hit screen slightly, now nothing works and colors are all over the place. I
    called a repair man who said over the phone its probably the board which
    costs more to replace than the tv cost

  6. Juan Amaro says:

    my vizio do the same thing and i don’t want to bang the shit out of it and
    make it worst, i bought a 40 inch but i like my 50 back in my living room,
    how do you fix yours?

  7. Juan Amaro says:

    how you fix it? my vizio do the same thing i hit it then goes away,i did
    bought a 40 ” but i like my 50″ back into my living room .

  8. Carlos Batroff says:

    ola sua tv eh de 32 full hd ou 40? e gostaria de saber qual vc acha melhor
    eu compra uma igual sua ou 40 full hd? brigado