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Samsung LN46C750 46-Inch 1080p 3D LCD HDTV Review (unboxing)

Get NOW! (AMAZON) – — Overview (unboxing) of the new Samsung LN46C750 forty six-Inch 1080p 3D Liquid crystal display HDTV.
Online video Ranking: 4 / 5

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  1. Keanu Haumahu says:

    nice vid man, but does it come with at least 1 3d glasses? and does it have

  2. MrMrozio says:

    @xinnocent88x LOLOLOL! That was badass hhahah

  3. Ivan Zlaticanin says:

    is there a 26 or 28 inch 3d tv out there just form my room just for me
    please reply

  4. eleotlecram says:

    That cat is awesome! You should make him the star of your next vid, lol!

  5. sozialedemokratie says:

    Nice cat and nice unboxing 🙂

  6. lemonjelly1969 says:

    nice video, you plan on showing it setup?

  7. PrinceThe8th says:

    cute cat

  8. jon204 says:

    @HazelEyedMan29 you bull the glasses separate from the tv to get the
    glasses included you need to by the bluray player package

  9. Dimethios says:

    Why didn’t you get the 55 model?

  10. Christopher Sinclair says:

    ppl really want fucking thumbs i notice

  11. monez14 says:

    Does this come in a 55″ in USA?

  12. TheMediaMistro says:

    lol 4:22 cat eating polystirene i thought i was watching a unboxing???

  13. XanArt21 says:

    @secretMachine I’d also like to know, the whole 2d is great apparantly but
    have not found any real 3d reviews of this

  14. BYIII2011v2 says:

    LOL thats a cat eating stirafoam

  15. xboxRhys says:

    Do you not feed your cat lol

  16. Martin Nygaard says:

    I have the same carpet 😀

  17. kangaroo150 says:

    @bever49 u go suck mines bitch Balls Sucker ( want a Cock Meat Sandwhich )

  18. Pacman2403 says:

    funny how the cat eats it on q lol

  19. XanArt21 says:

    the cat steals the show haha;)

  20. minecraftlegoexperts says:

    thats the most cutest cat i have ever seen!!!!!!

  21. Dimethios says:

    @XanArt21 Yes there is, I emailed you back with links. need a picture of
    mine, my kids are watching it right now. LOL Best Buy carries it in the
    Magnolia stores. Do a Google shopping search for LN55C750, or go to AV
    Science Forum and put it in the search box there.

  22. MattMurphyMusic says:

    haha Brian your awesome. WISH I had that TV

  23. sascha bösch says:

    Samsung LC46C750 ??? … this is my Tv very good 4 hdmi 2 usb 100*********
    Byby from GERMANY

  24. DmA91 says:

    @WelcometotheClub69 hahhahah