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Unboxing: Samsung 46″ Smart LED TV (Series 6 | 6150)

This video clip shows you the unboxing of a forty six inch Samsung Sensible LED Tv. Examine out the Television set: SOCIAL: Twitter:…

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  1. Yahya Joseph says:

    Thumbs down! Why the F**k dont you show the side view!!! 

  2. kingg alfred says:


  3. john altstatt says:

    can you wall mount?

  4. adrian romo says:

    Great TV now debating ps4 or xbox ONE for it hmm

  5. yung896 says:

    People watch unboxing videos so they can see the product you dumb ass
    telling people to get off their lazy ass but you the one commenting on
    YouTube videos?? Dumb

  6. siddharth chauhan says:

    what use is internet in a TV if you are not going to use it fully? useless
    feature just for browsing,isnt series 5 of samsung a better option? downoad
    a movie and plug in a usb

  7. Arun Ramachandran says:

    Nice video. I wanted to ask you what is the difference between 6100, 6150,
    6000 – I printed out the spec sheets off the samsung site and the 6100
    seems to be cheeps with a higher contrast ratio. Why does this TV have a
    higher price?

  8. Murshid dar says:

    whats the price?

  9. DAVE BARRETT says:

    I need that for games and Blurays

  10. Darwin Ochoa says:

    @Blake Wright so what are you doing watching this video of an unboxing?

  11. gmanist1000 says:

    Haha really? I never saw it that way!

  12. Ahmad Magdy says:

    OMG…now i need a big screen protector !

  13. Micheal Smith says:

    Please play halo 3 or halo reach on this tv

  14. gmanist1000 says:

    It cost me 1,249

  15. Blake Wright says:

    I hate unboxing vids why watch some one else unbox something you want get
    off your pore asses get a job and buy and unbox it your self and if any of
    you try to tell me off and call me pore I have 3 Sony tvs ones 50inch and
    the others are 45inch and they are in my room only

  16. Ashleigh Landin says:

    Just got One todsy

  17. big bob says:

    how much was it

  18. braedon218 says:

    A quarterback was filming this?!!!!

  19. fora1461 says:

    remote control of this tv is useless. With the remote its almost impossible
    to write anything in search box or address box. If you punch a wrong button
    and you realized lated yo should restart again. Samsung use to have remote
    app at appstore for iphone iPad but not anymore. if you are buying this tv
    for internet you should know that the internet browser does not aloow you
    watch any video embedded in a website more than 2-3 minutes popup message
    says unsufficient memory!)

  20. jcmf27 says:

    tell me something i used to have two led with glossy screen wich i liked a
    lot but im buying a un40es6500 similar to this one and i notice on the
    store that comes with a semi-gloss screen tell me the diference please

  21. gmanist1000 says:

    @spearmintmonkey Costco

  22. Adnan123leo says:

    Love samsung btw how much does it cost

  23. Murshid dar says:

    youtube showed me samsung smart tv add before watching samsung smart tv

  24. gmanist1000 says:

    Your wish is my command. I’m editing the Gaming video right now.