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LG’s 4K television arriving October 2012 in Australia

Following supplying us a heads-up on its 84-inch 3D Television in the week before CES, LG’s 4K television will be arriving down under in Oct this 12 months. Check out out the Fu…

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  1. david wood says:

    meanwhile were watching 576p on FTA in australia. pathetic

  2. LilGrim Doe says:

    THAT’S NOT GOING TO HAPPEN Because when you Increase the Resolution Then
    the screen have to be stretch out that’s why all of the’s newer tv’s are
    going to be 55” and up

  3. skeivys says:

    its possible and will happen, its just a matter of time..

  4. Trever Finck says: has them for $25,000

  5. RMatner says:

    but theres no point in having a small screen (32″) in 4K as you will hardly
    notice the benifit…. unless you sit within 2 feet of the screen,

  6. darkhawk1979 says:

    For those wondering, 8K is forecast for 2020. If you want 4K content right
    now just hook up your PC (with at least 1 high-end graphics card,
    preferably 2) and you will be gaming at 2160p!

  7. Winterspeck888 says:

    84 inches of a resolution which will blast your eyes off 😀 I hope 4k is
    going to be the next standart

  8. buk reader says:

    what about dvdrips played in this kind of TV, will there be any

  9. Aaron Webb says:

    “Goodbye movie theatre”? Are you an idiot?! Seriously, you think a poxy 50″
    TV in 4k (that you’ve just paid the earth for and can’t even tell the
    difference from 1080p!) is gonna beat a 120″+ 4k projector image on
    something like a Supernova or Black Diamond screen? Sorry mate but you need
    to educate yourself on the subject a bit…

  10. skeivys says:

    when we get 4k in 32″ i will buy it..

  11. jebbj19 says:

    Projected pricing $21K US…the price of a nice vehicle, bathroom makeover,
    kitchen and laundry appliance upgrade also new central heating and air
    conditioning and or new roof with landscaping for yard. Money can be used
    to bolster 401K…LOL

  12. tekkado says:

    it will be but they also got i think 8k or 16k after that.

  13. bigpoppa1234 says:

    Dear LG: Please start making SNSD videos in 4K.

  14. Jonnyjy says:

    damn im poor 🙁

  15. SedoSan says:

    unless you reduce pixels size!