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samsung ue46c8000 3D LCD TV review

Ideal.. Samsung UE46C8000 – 46″ 8 Sequence 3D LED-backlit Lcd Television – widescreen – 1080p (FullHD) – brushed titanium Far more.. h…

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  1. blackiechan88 says:

    @29razorbock29 sadly i will have to disagree with you and say i have owned
    this tv for a bit now, my first Samsung product, and Samsung has been
    wonderful and i have been extremely satisfied with my product and their
    customer service…hopefully you can move on from your bad experience and
    give them another try!

  2. Fantageous says:

    @iHackUrMac You can use headphones by purchasing an RCA adapter splitter.
    It plugs in to the two component audio out ports on the back, providing a
    single input for your audio source. This is it: Item model number:
    30S1-01260 — pop that number in on Amazon. You can also use the TOSLink
    (optical) digital audio output port on the back of the tv. Buy optical
    headphones or get a digital to analog converter to attach analog headphones
    or speakers. Good review! Bought 2, this weekend.

  3. LividLeon says:

    Games look amazing in 720p on this the stand screw are terrible and mines
    had a pixel problem thought samsung check all these things.

  4. TonyWhiteWWEFan says:

    Great video

  5. MrRuski96 says:

    @jaylanajones you are dumb i have a ps3 with hdmi hooked up it looks good

  6. snow fiera says:

    @iHackUrMac its called a spliter and by the way i was drunk as hell when i
    posted so take very thing i said with a shot of tequila

  7. iHackUrMac says:

    @akitravaski i had the normal settings set and it looked very nice. Are you
    sure you have the correct resolution set?

  8. Dan Rider says:

    Hi, what is the usb “conect and share” that means you can record in to usb ?

  9. Mupp1t says:

    Damn I hate it that it doesn’t have Audio Out 🙁 What T.V your planning to
    get? I need to buy a T.V soon for gaming

  10. iHackUrMac says:

    @BlueZone1978 Yep, has no audio output, I returned it and got an lg
    instead. I have a review of it on my channel.

  11. iHackUrMac says:

    When did i say OLG?

  12. akitravaski says:

    I popped in how to train your dragon from my collection since you really
    can’t rely on Netflix having stable quality even with a superb connection
    and got disappointed even with that. It’s seriously lacking picture
    quality. I swear I’m not a hi def nazi but this all looked better on my old
    standard box tv that finally crapped out. I’m just confused because I know
    tvs today can do better than this especially entry level.

  13. MrDrum555 says:

    @iHackUrMac i have a pieze that fits in some part of the TV, but i don’t
    know where… In the front of that pieze, says “Front” my tv is very
    similar of yours, Samsung LCD 32” Series 4 450

  14. bushwaa1 says:

    i have an insignia 32″ lcd tv and there is a slight lag when i play games
    does this tv lag? btw its not connection based because even when im in a
    private match and im the host it still lags and i am using hdmi

  15. iHackUrMac says:

    @dqwdfuiqw yep.

  16. Chuck Norris says:

    My TV used to wobble too. I opened up the stand (completely) and screwed t
    back together. TURNED THE SCREWS REALLY TIGHT. It doesnt wobble anymore. It
    might work for you 🙂

  17. a2dac100 says:

    Hey two questions. If I was trying to connect this tv to my macbook would I
    just need an hdmi cable, a hdmi converter to the macbook cable and a
    seperate audio cable to get the picture and sound on the tv? and also would
    I be able to connect my xbox at the same time and be able to switch from
    both without switching cables around?

  18. Derelle Franklin says:

    I have the exact same tv as you do and my stand on it isn’t that loose just
    a little wobbly, and the component’s in the back, I do see a color audio
    cable and you said it didn’t have it at all. Anyways, the tv works great
    picture is much clearer in hd, sound is ok.

  19. marszzal13 says:

    can you hook up turtle beaches x11s?

  20. RyanLec84 says:

    The set is only 720p. When you select 1080p on your 360, it down-converts
    the signal to 720p.

  21. wwefansftw99 says:

    @iHackUrMac no its the screen that is shaking not the tv itself the screen
    like for MW3 when you run it shakes when you run on MW3 do get what im

  22. LuvTheSnapper says:

    Also, the only reason your stand is wobbling like that, is because you
    didn’t screw the screws down tight enough when you were putting the stand

  23. dqwdfuiqw says:

    it’s HD right??