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Stream Media to Samsung Led Lcd TV With Windows 7 Part 2

Response from last movie. Streaming Media to tv with Windows 7 by way of Home windows Media Participant twelve.
Online video Score: 2 / five

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  1. snark92 says:

    you are kidding, thank goodness I found this first & don’t have to watch
    any of the other 43 videos. Please leave this to someone who is organized &
    knows there stuff.

  2. dan198660120 says:

    @Bassssss25 Make sure you allowed the device to access the media player.

  3. dvdvideo1234 says:

    I didn’t know that I can do that with my Smart TV LoL

  4. Bassssss25 says:

    Thanks for the reply. A few days ago I tried it again and suddenly it
    worked, immediately after that i closed mediaplayer and tried it another
    time…it didn’t work anymore. The next day it suddently worked again and a
    try later it didn’t work anymore. I tried it without a router (crosscable),
    another Windows 7 machine, my other tv (same type), the latest samsung
    firmware and Windows updates….no results.. I think I will contact samsung
    because I’m running out of options.

  5. MomoMaxedOut says:

    Nice .. But the captions are wrong and funny 🙂

  6. mxrex600 says:

    just download allshare