LCD TV 123

My Samsung LCD screen does not turn on because of…

The stangest factor occurred to me: I normally observe movies from my Personal computer on my Television set troug a standard VGA cable. Generally when my personal computer goes on slumber mode, my Tv follows…

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  1. ldee1969 says:

    power board replace it or capacitors

  2. Manny Suarez says:

    I AM HAVING THE SAME PROB I would,love to know what caps I need to replace
    b4 going at it

  3. KoolJust4U says:

    i have a vizio lcd 720p 60hz for over 4 year now, 600 cheaper than samsung
    back than with same size and spec. and till this day, it work great. and it
    was used for gaming, ps3 and xbox like 8 hour a day 7 day a week.

  4. BoratFish11 says:


  5. Zakaria el Bouchahati says:

    HELP o.o

  6. Selekta Jahmaica says:

    have the same problem, did you fix yours?

  7. Bianca K says:

    My tv has just done the same thing – I’m just going to return it.

  8. scarflyr02 says:

    i have a crapy tv couse my samsung plasma 42 in wont start its the
    capacitors i know for all i read many have the same problem

  9. Andrew Lambur says:

    @selektajahmaica I had a similar problem with my Samsung 32″ series 3 LCD.
    It wouldn’t turn on one day. I didn’t hear any clicking noises but the red
    light on the front would blink. I unplugged it and left it unplugged for a
    day. Plugged it back at the end of the day and it worked. So far it hasn’t
    had any more issues yet.

  10. MeliSpirit says:

    I notice on your vid that your TV does the same thing mine is doing now it
    only did just did taht today I was like wait a min you where working just a
    min ago O.O I was installinga CD in my PC at the time I was like okay did I
    hit the power off button on my remote I don’t know how to get it off stand
    by mode but unlike you mind doesn’t blink it just stays red not even when I
    hit the doggon power button the the remote or TV power getting to it won’t
    kick of to back to blue. wtf

  11. SoulPhoenixMC says:

    Happened to me,now I can’t turn it on plus there’s an annoying red light
    that keeps blinking -_- damm it

  12. 1youngrizzal says:

    @drew7721 did they tell you what was wrong with it

  13. cozyguest says:

    @drew7721…I have had the same problem happened to me a couple weeks ago.
    I just had an engineer examine it earlier. Inside there was no damaged done
    to any capacitors; however the internal p/s and pcb couldn’t be replaced
    because Samsung no longer stock these parts. G-G-Groan! 🙁

  14. MrScarface says:

    same thing to me dont know wat to do

  15. MrScarface says:

    dude sumtimes it works sumtimes it dont wen i push the round button i hear
    some noise can u help me

  16. iwillruletheword says:

    Same thing here happened this morning, 🙁 but my light just blincks

  17. davidandkaytywillis says:

    @drew7721 I really hope that you get this message I have the clicking issue
    when my tv is trying to turn on & it does it over and over I have been told
    by a repair man that it is the capacitiors &he said it would be $150. I
    have a friend who is able to fix this for me but I don’t know what kind of
    capacitiors to buy or where to buy them. Can you please tell me there you
    got your capacitiors and what kind to buy?