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TigerDirect TV: Contour 1300 HD Go Cam

Solution Hyperlink: http://little TigerDirect Television provides you the Contour Go Cam! The Contour 1300 ContourHD Palms Free of charge Camcorder revolutionized the way peopl…
Video clip Score: 5 / 5

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  1. 12354573 says:

    Supprised they arn’t reviewing the Contour Roam.

  2. FrostyTheBeerMan says:

    at about 5:25 you are holding the 2 gb micro sd and say you can get 8
    hours. You might want to add an annotation there on the video, because that
    2 gb card you are holding will NOT give you 8 hours at 1080p. U r prob
    talking about the 32 gb card, but are holding the 2 gb card in your hand. A
    point clear to most of us, but there are many that may think u r speaking
    about the 2 gb card.

  3. bobdotexe says:

    I can Finally record chess in Slo-mo 😀

  4. FrostyTheBeerMan says:

    nice cam, but it’s hard to compete with the GoPro.

  5. Paul W. says:

    Is it waterproof

  6. DrSupahFly says:

    on the page it says it’s water resistant but if you plan on like plunging
    it into the water then you should use the water proof case, which i assume
    comes with it since it doesn’t have any extra links or information about
    getting a separate case. so yes.

  7. Sultan Nazer says:

    nice !

  8. clarkkent999 says:

    Al. Bert.