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Unboxing Samsung 55″ UE55D7000 3D LED TV 2011, D7000, D8000 – Part 2

Displaying the Samsung 55″ UE55D7000 3D LED Television in operation. Check out my web site for free of charge labeled adz in the United kingdom!

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  1. Ryan Vines says:

    can some please link part 1 of this video. can’t seem to find it 

  2. o costa says:

    i could say i miss the good old fashioned tv’s….BUT I REALLY DON’T : )

  3. Gouryello says:

    Yes 3D is amazing.

  4. iTzLaG says:

    That TV is awesome, I picked up one of these last week and they are great!

  5. MrMMMichail says:

    Are You satisfied with it? Please give me one advise – what is better 55
    inch c9000 series or this one? Or what TV would you choose? I’m ready to
    spend 3,5$ k. I can’t choose between Toshiba 55WL768 and Samsung c9000. Any
    suggestions are very welcome. Please reply.

  6. gnarleypunkroker5 says:

    beautiful tv…that screen has a glossy finish right? idk why but it seems
    glossy finish gets a better picture than the like satan kinda feel finish
    like my brothers emerson or sisters vizio

  7. carlocob100 says:

    @Gouryello Is it there a similar application for Android?

  8. o costa says:

    i just got that tv today shipped to my house but i’m going back to the
    store and trade it and pay the difference for the 8000 version which has
    flash…..and this one doesn’t.

  9. FullHD3DPlasmaTV says:

    Just waiting to play myself with this beauty, Samsung 55″ UE55D7000 3D LED

  10. MrSako21 says:

    @awder00alan you shuolg get the Samsung

  11. gigifois says:

    This television…You have never had problems of clouding?

  12. chriskila says:

    but seriosly it looks like a 23 inch tv

  13. macskilllz says:

    LG Blows lmao SAMSUNG ALL DAY!!!!

  14. JeRseybOy251 says:

    yo, i have the same but the 46 inch, how much should i have my sharpness on
    the tv, i have it at 65 right now, should i raise it or lower it?

  15. nasoszeppos says:

    @Floyd087 the last 2 digits obviously!!!!!!!! arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
    ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh merr shitmas!!

  16. afas1976 says:

    Can i use youtube app on this Smart tv just as youtube iphone version or pc

  17. ThePhille1982 says:

    I can also use iPhone like à remote!

  18. tzeroftokyo says:

    @Gouryello how’s your tv workin, i wanted to buy the same, so wanted to
    know your experience with it