LCD TV 123

Difetto tv lcd samsung 40″

Difetto pannello liquid crystal display samsung forty” entire-hd.
Video Score: / five

Just a small examination i did to attempt Pc output on my new Samsung LE40M87BD. I used the max resolution and max options ingame. Several Lcd TVs can not display as several re…

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  1. MrSamsungHDTV says:

    @maltyful You really got something against samsung, don’t you?

  2. sk8colombia says:

    which one are better??? philips? samsung or vizio??? i just want to buy one
    so bad but i dont know which one.. whicn one has less problems??

  3. Supreeme83 says:

    @jackaldigital Only thing i found was you have to make sure you have a
    resolution set on your pc that your tv will support. Or else you don´t get
    any picture. Samsungs tvs have had problems with the onoff button from what
    i have heard, you may want to get another brand. I have zero problems with
    the one i have.

  4. TheMastaN1 says:

    Is that a 42 inch bro ?

  5. MJANMm says:

    what is the size of your tv? planning to buy 32″ hdtv is it good enough?

  6. adplace1203 says:

    how does the game look, better or worse than a monitor?

  7. Smoqu88 says:

    what keyboard is that ?

  8. Supreeme83 says:

    The sound is from the pc speakers not the tv. I used a VGA cable at that
    time but now i have a HDMI cable running from the computer to the tv. HDMI
    is better then both DVI and VGA, because you can have (5.1) sound as well.
    if your sound card support audio output on the HDMI you don´t need any
    other cables.

  9. kingofscrim says:

    computer specs?

  10. Supreeme83 says:

    Do you mean crysis warhead or original crysis? I´m no expert in this but it
    could be a problem with drivers, do you have the latest drivers from ATI?
    You could try and run crysis on an external monitor to see if you get
    problems on that too.

  11. Supreeme83 says:

    It´s 40 inch several years old you get bigger tvs cheaper now.

  12. Supreeme83 says:

    A Geforce8800ultra with Vista 32 bit.

  13. Asid Dragon says:

    funny that, but im well happy with mine and can connect pc rig for movies
    games, etc no probs? gud luck

  14. TheMastaN1 says:

    Its still a bad ass tv bro im gettin a 42 inch and i was wonderin how big
    it is :]] coz a few people said you have to watch it from a big distance
    which is bullshit i presume :]]