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How to Clean Samsung LED TV

Cleanse your Tv, will not injury it. Look at this online video to find out how to clear your Television set. For more details and much more ” How-to” films, stick to this link http://little…

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  1. jfleming23 says:

    those cloths that come with glasses for cleaning them work fine

  2. Aditya Rao says:

    the hostess is so sexy!

  3. omshri1984 says:

    pls tell me from where i can purchase this liquid cleaning item for samsung
    led tv ? actually my son has pee on my led tv so the strains are very
    visible pls tell me ?

  4. IShinjiExI says:

    I did not get a cleaning cloth included with my LED TV recently 🙁 Weird
    cause I got one like 4 years ago on my old Samsung LCD TV? of course I
    misplaced that cleaning cloth though LOL

  5. lakerskobefarmar says:

    @mrsant0s lmfao i was thinkn the same thing

  6. Angela Beransky says:

    it’s american plug and I didn’t get a cloth with my tv eigher

  7. 01hondascott says:

    no cloth for me:(

  8. cheshmsafaid says:

    Its either American, Candian or UK. European plugs are not like dat!

  9. Samantha Lamers says:

    I did not get a cloth with my TV…

  10. Mathew Pilon says:

    I didn’t get a cloth for my Samsung TV:(

  11. mohammed mously says:

    will that helped lol

  12. Joe says:

    nobody got a fucking cleaning cloth

  13. LuciDreamTv says:

    I got one suckerssssss!

  14. bethodman says:

    Hi what happened to hi