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Samsung Smart LED 3D TV UE46ES8000, UE40ES8000, UE55ES8000 2012

New 2012 8 Collection Samsung UE46ES8000 with demo of Saorview, Freesat, DNLA, Wise Hub, Netflix, RTE Player, MKV Documents above USB/DNLA and Xbox 360 match-engage in. Om…
Movie Rating: three / five

Samsung Sensible Tv set LED Total High definition EH5300 three Entradas HDMI 2 Entradas USB Wi-Fi Tela de 32″ com Skype Facebook e Twitter já instalados. Descrição: Tv LED 32″ Samsun…

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  1. Berry says:

    I have the same TV, 3D but when I put 3D nothing comes realy out, just
    little bit

  2. 1nightmareman says:

    Nice video, I get mine Thursday.. thanks for sharing:) John Lewis price
    matched Electro Land of £1404.99, so I got a great price + 5yr guarantee
    with JL + a Free Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 = very happy.

  3. robfitz85 says:

    I use a 2tb USB powered western digital, got it from amazon. Also have used
    plenty of other USB harddrives with no problems aswell as a recently bought
    NAS, make sure you have the usb drive in the correct USB HDD slot above the
    HDMI cables

  4. Therealsauceboss93 says:

    Do you think the TV is worth the price,Thinking about picking one up
    today,How is it for games? I know movies look amazing on it.

  5. Brandon Hall says:

    Lmao someone really said the word Sony…… Sony tvs are absolute garbage

  6. gsanchez1094 says:

    I have the 65 inch model. It is an amazing tv. Picture quality is great.

  7. robfitz85 says:

    Just had it set up temporarily in my parents house – Big window just to the
    left of the TV…

  8. Proplytiri says:

    Why does my netflix look like the netflix in this video? When I look at
    other videos of the smart TV’s netflix they have options like searching by
    genre. This just spits out movies and I have to hope it picked one that I
    want to watch. I also wanted to watch There Will Be Blood, so I searched it
    up but it did not show. I googled it to make sure it was on netflix and it
    is, but for some reason I’m unable to access it on my smart TV? Can you
    help me out here, or point me to someone who can?

  9. robfitz85 says:

    Its the 46 inch version..

  10. Sami Al Harthi says:

    what type of usb hard drive you are using? because i have the same tv and i
    bought new WD usb 3.0 but it doesn’t work at all.

  11. robfitz85 says:

    According to trusted reviews its 800 Hz

  12. joeyxl3456 says:

    very nice. im getting the 55″ in 2013 hopefully 🙂

  13. robfitz85 says:

    Very good all round – freesat – Mkv – saorview in Ireland – netflix. It
    should be dropping in price soon since the new 9000 models are coming out
    in Spring.

  14. Farmhouse the Adequate Gamer says:

    I can’t get over how bad the Netflix app is now. It used to have instant
    queue, seach by genre… All of that is GONE!

  15. unr8bleTECH says:

    I got mine yesterday I LOVE IT !!!! It’s the best

  16. kenyxxxxify says:

    Sony hx857 have best quality that es8000 but is expensive and dont have
    camera skype

  17. ari ferreira says:

    Que sorte a sua, porque eu comprei uma smart da serie 6 e me arrepemdi fica
    a dica nao compre ES6100GXZD .

  18. Fabio Amorim says:

    alo amigo queria te perguntar uma duvida que tenho todas as vezes que vou
    assitir um filme online depois de 30 minutos ela para e diz que parou por
    falta de memoria vc sabe que é isso obrigado fico no aguardo

  19. Henrique Souza says:


  20. אהרון בן יהוה says:


  21. Henrique Souza says:

    Não testei. Mas se vc tiver um cabo HDMI, perfeito. Usa normal como monitor

  22. אהרון בן יהוה says:

    Queria te fazer uma pergunta, vc testou pc nela ? miha ideia e pegar ela
    para o pc. Vlw

  23. Henrique Souza says:

    Programar a gravação não tem…pelo menos nunca vi essa função. mas o
    controle remoto tem um botão para gravar a programação sim, usando um pen
    drive por exemplo.

  24. diego silva says:

    Pvr: personal vídeo recorder Em outras palavras é com se fosse um vídeo
    cassete que você poderia programar a TV para gravar a programação que
    desejar usando um hd externo… 😀

  25. Henrique Souza says:

    pvr? o que seria isso?

  26. diego silva says:

    Tem pvr?

  27. Henrique says:

    ainda nem fiz o video muita preguiça rs

  28. Del Leon Silva says:

    Você nos mostrou o uso do mouse nesta televisão. O que ficou curioso em
    saber é como funcionar a questão de digitar nesta televisão. É através de
    teclado virtual ou existe a possibilidade de colocar um teclado de pc?

  29. Del Leon Silva says:


  30. Henrique says:

    Eu comprei no EXTRA um teclado e um mouse wireless entao tenho a opção de
    digitar no teclado virtual ou no teclado sem fio. Vou ver se consigo fazer
    um video hoje mostrando isso e posto aqui.

  31. Henrique says:

    consigo assistir todos normalmente