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8K UHDTV Ultra high Definition TV 7680 x4320, 60 frames/s 70Mbit/s KDDI NAB 2011 -2

8K UHDTV Extremely high Definition Television (7680 x4320, sixty frames/s 70Mbit/s) KDDI JVC NAB 2011 -2 TilTul LinksYouWantToRemember CIMG9337.AVI.

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  1. rocketmail217881755 says:

    The next step in Ultra-Ultra-High-Definition TV!

  2. rubikfan1 says:

    4k @60 needs a displayport or 2hdmi? show is this transported by
    4xdisplayport or 8xhdmi??

  3. ksimp88 says:

    what’s worse is when people say Kb/s instead of kb/s

  4. ksimp88 says:

    ok, 60 Gbps would be more like 7.5 MBps… And bits and bytes are using the
    same system. 8 bits to a byte. Most tech people know this. It’s not
    changing anytime soon.

  5. James Seddon says:

    I hate it when people don’t use abbreviations correctly. Is it 70Mb/s or

  6. ksimp88 says:

    Actually, they round it to the next “stage” up. For example, instead of
    calling a 153GB Hard Drive 153GB, they call it a 160GB. 1.81TB would be
    2TB, as 1.8TB is too unique. The most common stages for GB would be 40, 60,
    120, 160, 250, 500, 640, 750, 1000, 1500, 2000, etc etc. It’s still
    marketing, just not exactly as you described it.

  7. James Seddon says:

    Do you mean KB/s vs Kb/s?

  8. eddie butler says:

    I swear the only reason companies use both is just to use which ever makes
    it look bigger, like hard drive manufacturers using 1000MB/GB rather than
    the actual standard of 1024MB/GB.

  9. MioChan says:

    Imagine 3D in this resolution

  10. arditi97 says:

    how milion dollars this cost.