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No Image No Picture on Screen-Flashlight Test LCD TV Repair – How to Diagnose Broken Board TV Repair

How to Diagnose right Liquid crystal display Television set issue with no impression on display Common problem tutorial – flashlight check for backlights/principal board Click on Listed here to Buy Television set REPAI…

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  1. aiden lockhart says:

    I have a 4yr. old Samsung TOC LCD tv. When I turn it on, there is a flash
    of light at the top right corner of the screen. I replaced the master
    backlight inverter. Now the flash of light covers both the right top and
    bottom of the screen. I can see words and menus on the screen and I do have
    sound. What do you think of this?

  2. Paul Laut says:

    I have a Vizio v042lfhdtv10a with no backlights as I did the flashlight
    test. When you first turn it on there is a flash of the blue screen just on
    the left side that last just a second. if I hit the input button right
    after turning power on the input shows on the screen and you can change
    inputs but it goes black when the blue screen goes black. The half blue
    screen shows most of the time when first powered but not all

  3. RLBlanks83 says:

    My husband and I are having trouble with our flat screen. we can turn it on
    and off but the screen will not come on at all…although it flashes a very
    dim light. Power is on and we have checked everything to be sure there are
    no problems getting power to the tv. Any suggestions?? Model is Panasonic
    #42pfl5603d/27…. thanks

  4. says:

    NEED TV REPAIR HELP?! If you need help repairing your TV please comment
    below the ShopJimmy video or feel free to send us a YouTube message. Please
    include your TV model number and the symptoms or issues your TV is
    displaying. The more details you can include the faster and more accurate
    our response will be! You may also call our customer service at (877)

  5. majer123 says:

    Hi I have a LG 47LG50dc-ua tried the flashlight and no menu I have a solid
    blue light no picture no sound. Any ideas?

  6. Frank Dominick says:

    I have a Toshiba 55S41U. yesterday it started to not display a picture. The
    only thing that happens is that the green light on the front of the TV
    comes on. Nothing else happens.

  7. danny ferraro says:

    hey I got a panSonic VIERA TV blinking in the right hand side of the TV has
    sound but no picture is blinking the right of the TV what should I do model
    number. Tc-32×300. 32in lcd tv

  8. Bryan T says:

    ok i have been in contact with you last time about my tv…you toll me to
    do this with the flashlight i did it but i cant see the menu nothing idk
    if its the power supply or main board i dont want to order the wrong one
    please reply me ASAP i need my tv…is a INSIGNIA NS-PDP32-09 when i turn
    it on it turn off only blue led ligh stays on please help me jimmy

  9. Paul David Santana says:

    Hi ShopJimmy. I have a Samsung LN46C600. The TV turns on and stays on fine,
    and sound comes through just fine. I did the flashlight test in a 100% dark
    room as instructed (thank you!), and to my delight and surprise, I was
    indeed able to see the cable TV signal! I opened up the TV and don’t see
    any blown capacitors. This is an inverter problem correct? SSB460_12V01

  10. Bryan Simmons says:

    I have a toshiba 40L2200u serial number c40242c30320b1. The flash light
    test worked so I guess it’s just the backlight inverter. If the inverter
    goes bad does that also damage the LEDs? Please let me know if I am right
    and the answer to the LEDs. Thanks. 

  11. vsereb says:

    Hi, I have LG 37LH55. The trouble I have is that TV starts normally but in
    5-15 min the picture goes away. Backlight is working – the screen is
    uniformly lit, sound is fine, when channels are switched there are some
    blinks on the sctreen but nothing more. I had similar issue couple of years
    ago while TV was under warranty. At that time there was strokes across
    screen or distorted picture. My impression was that defect manifests
    itself when there is a high humidity in the room in the summer or when
    heaters are running and discharge water vapor from the heaters. Two years
    ago repair people replaced every module but the screen itself and we were
    fine for two years. Now the defect came back – this time no strikes – just
    dark-bluish screen. It does not react to light shocks or vibrations in the
    room. I am very much tempted to throw TV away and buy new one on Black
    Friday. But if started from cold TV has beatiful picture and I know it
    would be foolish to put it in the garbage. I already examinde power board –
    but did not see any blown capacitors. Thanks for any advice. 

  12. Chantal McNair says:

    I have a Samsung TV model number LN40C670M1F. I was watching the TV and
    horizontal lines came across the picture then the picture went black. From
    a distance, the screen looks black, however, up close the screen has a blue
    haze and when you turn it around you see blue light coming from the back
    openings. I don’t see any menu with the flashlight test. The TV still has
    sound just no picture. The red light for on/off blinks when you turn it on
    but no “clicking” sounds are noted. I have checked the capacitors and they
    all appear to be intact without leakage. Any suggestions would be greatly

  13. walt tanner says:

    Hi Shop Jimmy, I have a 42″ Polaroid F;at Screen model 4241TLXB. The
    power light comes on manually and with remote, however, no picture no
    sound! Performed a back light test with flashlight,….nothing, nada,
    black as night. Any suggestions?

  14. Sophia Carreon says:

    Hello there, I have a 46″ Samsung Flat screen. Model code: LNS4692D X/XX ;
    Serial No. AF0D3CFL808097L ; Version SP01. Situation is , NO PICTURE but
    the audio is fine loud and clear. I’ve tried the flashlight test but could
    not find any display on the screen. One thing I’ve noticed is that, every
    time the tv/show changes subject/s like commercials, a blink or slight
    flash is showing on the screen. Thank you very much.

  15. MrBmth90 says:

    I got a APEX LD3288T LCD tv. It won’t show NO picture, all I hear is sound.

  16. jmrdjndulo says:

    I have a samsung LNT4061FX/XAA that recently went blank, sound still comes
    out but no video. Tried the flashlight test and there was an image. I’ve
    replaced the backlight inverter, which I bought from you guys, but still no
    video. There were no indications that something was wrong, all the
    capacitors are okay, saw something on YouTube about “forcing”the backlight
    on by jumpering some cables and nothing……. help please

  17. Brandon D says:

    Hi I have a Toshiba LCD TV Model 37CV510U It has no picture. I replaced
    the Inverter already The TV turns on but still no picture. Any help you can
    give would be appreciated. Thanks!

  18. thessHnH says:

    Hello shopJimmy! my tv is the Sony bravia KDL-40U2000 and im getting the 4
    times red light blink (i suppose its a fault code) the green light stays on
    all the time. i did some research on the internet but no one knows for
    sure…im thinking of replacing the main board or (and) the inverter board,
    also could it be the power supply failure?
    Thanks in advance!

  19. tgeetwitch says:

    Sorry for all the posts. With flashlight test I can detect no image
    whatsoever on the screen and no backlight glow when blinking stops and
    picture remains off. Thanks

  20. Horizon says:

    Hello, I need TV repair
    I have Samsung 39 inch TV with model no UA39EH5003. But z TV is showing
    Vertical line when open. and gradually, it covers half of the tv. so what
    is z solution.
    do u think it will be screen problem?
    thank u

  21. Metushelah Licin says:

    I have a Panasonic plasma TH-42PD50U. There is backlight, but no image on
    the screen, no sound and the remote does not work for volume; remote does
    work only to turn on tv, and when turn off tv 20 blinking light of death.
    Any Idea?

  22. says:

    @Juan Sanchez – I would recommend running the flashlight test on your TV.
    This test is shown in the video above this comment. Try this test and then
    let us know what you find. Thanks and please let us know if you have any
    further questions!

  23. says:

    @byron henry – I would recommend replacing the inverter board in your TV.
    Please call our customer service with your board number and they can help
    you with your purchase to confirm compatibility. (877) 881-6492 Thanks and
    please let us know if you have any further questions!

  24. byron henry says:

    Thanks shop Jimmy for the tutorial. I have a 42inch Philips 42PFL3704D/F7.
    I did the back light test and i think it has back lights. The screen lights
    up but its still black and if it is dark enough in the room i can see the
    menu screen without a flashlight. I do have sound though. i kinda wanted to
    know your opinion before i ordered anything.

  25. says:

    @gapgirl435 – Have you tried the test that is shown in the above video? I
    would recommend running this flashlight test to determine if the problem is
    your backlight inverter or the main board. Please do that and then reply to
    let us know the results and we can recommend a fix. Thanks and please let
    us know if you have any further questions!