LCD TV 123

P1/2. (Night Time Pub DIY) LED Rope Lights – Fitting around Pub Garden.

(Movie filmed with JVC Everio GZ-MG334HEK). As typical I can only do this form of stuff when we are closed, and due to the fact it really is a pub, unless of course it truly is a simple job, n…

La télé fait sa révolution au salon IFA de Berlin ! Découvrez en avant-première les technologies d’affichage qui arriveront l’an prochain : la télévision en …
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  1. mjlorton says:

    Absolutely brilliant! An audio and electronics, DIY pub landlord….love
    it! Keep it up. Where is the Pub located? Cheers, Martin.

  2. Dr Circuit says:

    Thanks for the kind words! Making my head get bigger by the minute! I’ve
    seen your channel, so coming from you it’s doubly appreciated! As for where
    we are, not far from the middle of Cambridge. If you know Cambridge, you
    might have heard of the ‘Real Ale Quarter’… that’s where we are. If you
    aren’t familiar with Cambridge, I’m sure you’ll have heard it’s a
    university town, full of academics, start ups, and foreign students, and
    it’s that demographic we target – with good results! 🙂

  3. nordine boubenider says:

    Toujours aussi très intéressante vos vidéos. merci

  4. Manty Star says:

    Continuer à nous informer et à nous faire rêver pour la technologie de
    demain…. Vive la chaîne techno!!