LCD TV 123

Samsung 46″ LCD 1080p 120hz TV

Offering my Samsung Lcd Tv. Its 1080p, has the vehicle movement 120hz. Picture is incredible, absolutely nothing incorrect with Television. Have first distant with it as effectively. Below is the…
Movie Score: 5 / five

The movie is shot with my Canon EOS 1000D The Ikea dioder only expense 29euro & is def really worth it!!

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  1. Ron Linsangan says:

    Looks great! Which Ikea Dioder did you get? The bars or the round target
    shape ones?

  2. thinkdeep says:

    Is it me, or does the color get dimmer and brigher?!?!?!

  3. DxExNxNxIxS says:

    @sexba You could take 20 photo’s per lonely second, import all this in win
    movie maker and hit publish??

  4. Aj Barba says:

    @horstkyle looks like its sound sensitive