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Samsung LCD display problem

My Samsung LN40530, was produced in Oct. of 2008 and bought a few months after that. It recently developed a flawlessly uniform vertical strip of disco…
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  1. adam2armour says:

    I eventually had to take the unit in for repair and, guess what, could not
    be fixed. It’s a problem with the display itself, so you might as well buy
    a new television as have it fixed. Needless to say, I was more than a
    little displeased. Because the TV still works, I use it as a bedroom set.
    But I had to purchase a new unit for the living room. This time, I made
    sure to buy the extended, four-year warranty. Sorry to hear about your set,
    by the way. Stinks all the way around.

  2. Grants Pass TV Repair says:

    This is a common symptom and I would guess this to be one of four things.
    Bad connection on the ribbon cable, bad display, bad T-con board or bad
    driver board. I would start by freezing the edges of the screen with freeze
    spray to see if you see an improvment. Also try carefully re-seating your
    ribbon cable between the T-con board and your main board. Also re-seat the
    ribbon cable where it attaches to the driver board. You could look for bad
    solder on the T-con board and drivers board.