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Samsung Smart TV Service Menu / Factory Reset How To LED 8 Series by DustinDep

Thinking of acquiring the Evolution Kit? See the unboxing listed here! Evolution Package Put in In Hd…
Movie Rating: four / 5

Discovered this Tv set on sale at BrandsMartUSA for 179.ninety nine, when it typically goes for 299.ninety nine, and you know I just experienced to purchase it.
Video Ranking: 4 / 5

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  1. DustinDep says:

    No worries glad to help!

  2. Kevin Nighters says:

    Doesnt work my tvbhas been recently turningnon and off and when it turns
    ofnit showsmcolorful patterns like green and red differntly each time after
    that it turns backnon and after 10 seconds it repeats

  3. Lucas Christopher says:

    I believe that i am useing a series 6? and am have a lot of trouble with my
    tv and just want to completely reset it from the getgo so if you could
    reply that would help a lot 

  4. ronron2k says:

    thank you very informative video

  5. shemal barwary says:


  6. Richy Rich says:

    Wow! Thank you for replying so quick; and, also, for helping me. Keep up
    the good work buddy. From Richard, in Liverpool, UK

  7. DustinDep says:

    yes that will wipe it as if its brand new and never been used!

  8. Richy Rich says:

    Hey Dustin! Would this clear everything related to the web? As I need wipe
    all web browsing history and personal info, saved passwords etc, before I
    go take it back to the shop for an exchange on my recently purchased EU6410
    Samsung smart t.v. I’m gonna pick up a 40in t.v. and return the 32in. Any
    help would be much appreciated.

  9. Mega1bobby says:

    Thank you. It worked for me too. samsung UE55D8005

  10. DustinDep says:

    good point! thanks

  11. JzoneMedia says:

    That must be the code for the UK tvs, the US tv’s code i believe is mute
    182 power, but still is the same result. But just keep in mind (for
    viewers) Samsung does not encourage going into the service menu and if you
    mess anything up in that menu it voids your warranty so just be careful
    when you’re doing it

  12. Fabiano Viana says:

    Hi, my model is UN46F6400. I messed up with HDMI CALIBRATION, by now shows
    FAILURE…reseting to factory mode, will removed this return as it was
    before? Thanx a lot for your video!

  13. Jar szo says:

    In the service menu, I changed Local_Set – now TV does not respond to the
    remote control and automatically turns on and after a while restarts. What
    to do?!

  14. osman esen says:

    Thank you very much my friend 🙂

  15. Mads Ankjær says:

    You made my day – thanks 🙂

  16. DustinDep says:

    Glad i could help!

  17. enddy ahmad says:

    having a problem to return previous screen while using youtube app. the
    return button fails to operate while on youtube but its work normal/fine on
    the other app using a smart touch remote. i’ve tried using smart phone and
    button type remote. but it still the same..model samsung UA46F6400R

  18. DustinDep says:

    No worries! please “like” the vid if you haven’t already!

  19. Carl Neighbors says:

    Walmart has them for 150 now

  20. Alexandre Martins says:

    I think that the TV sucks, i have the same one and it Lag all my games (GTA
    4, Red Dead Redemption, Nfs The Run, …etc.)

  21. Uzi Armani says:

    Thanks Alot 🙂

  22. svergie2 says:

    5:20 Yeah, because it is! ;P

  23. Jack Mason says:

    Do you have any trouble with the stand? Mine leans forward a bit to much.

  24. TheGamingMonkey1 says:

    I’m sorry but mine does not have one so i doubt the bigger model will have
    one, but the tv has nice sound quality on its own

  25. raypols says:

    not too small for ps3?

  26. TheGamingMonkey1 says:

    Yep, I am pretty poor.

  27. DizyVipr says:

    i wanna eat that burger than shit out and eat it again!!! Yess, i can
    almost taste it..Yummmm!!!

  28. TheGamingMonkey1 says:

    Thank You

  29. TheGamingMonkey1 says:

    It is the perfect size, big TVs stretch out the image and this one is small
    enough that is does not and it supports 1080p. It is a good TV

  30. Elvis Gomez says:

    you been working Christian??? i got me a 42” 2 weeks ago 🙂

  31. fpscanadianz says:

    i bought the 39 inch yesterday and i have home theater to, but have to wait
    till christmas to open it lol

  32. NukeGameStudiosHD says:

    i got samsung 39′ for 399 😉

  33. drankkkkkk says:

    what ms is this tv