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Be sure to LIKE and SUBSCRIBE! It truly assists! A client sent me an X’eye to correct, but as you can see, its not gonna come about with no some donor areas. Far more X…

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  1. Watcher3223 says:

    Understood. Have any idea what he intends to do with the unit? I hope he
    won’t discard it; that’s definitely a source of valuable parts. Or, you
    could invest in repairing it and selling it, especially with an s-video
    mod. I had an X’Eye whose PCM sound system stopped working properly. I
    ended up getting a parts X’Eye and swapping the mainboard. Fortunately, if
    you ever find a busted Sega CD model 2 or a Saturn, such units might be a
    good source for parts for the CD drive.

  2. GameTechUS says:

    Do you know the part number of the correct assembly? There wasn’t any
    numbers written on it anywhere…

  3. Watcher3223 says:

    As for the three pickups supplied, the two that may likely be compatible
    appear to be JVC Optima series drives and pickups. Pretty durable, so you
    might be able to salvage the extra optical pickups for use in units that
    need them. Those, or at least variants thereof, were used in the X’Eye as
    well as lots of Sega CD 2 systems and the Saturn. As for the one that was
    broken, most likely not compatible anyways as it appears to be a Sony KSS
    series. The X’Eye used JVC drives, of course.

  4. Theo Escobedo says:

    I checked the polarity and it’s fine. I used it with another model 1 and it
    turned on just fine. I have no idea what to do now.

  5. GameTechUS says:

    I usually check input and output of the 7805’s and work out from there.

  6. Theo Escobedo says:

    My genesis will not turn on. I bought a new ac adapter, reflowed all the
    solder points and replaced the two 7805s and still nothing. Any reason why?

  7. GameTechUS says:

    Thanks for the link, but that’s a bit too expensive. Besides without the
    limit switch the whole assembly is useless. Furthermore, the customer
    decided not to give me $50 to part out one of my units to fix it, he
    insisted he could find a fully working Xeye for that amount…

  8. Watcher3223 says:

    One thing you can try is to cut off the bad end up to the plastic shim and
    scrape off enough of the insulation at the cut end to expose the
    conductors. Back the other side with adhesive tape and then try the ribbon
    again, checking how the ribbon is physically at both extremes of the
    pickup’s traverse location (at the end of the disc and at home position).

  9. GameTechUS says:

    I have no idea what his plans were for it. So do you have a parts unit
    laying around?

  10. Watcher3223 says:

    The pickup itself may be the Optima-6 or the Optima-6S. But, I don’t know
    the part number for the whole traverse assembly. As for the slightly
    shorter length, you might be able to get away with it; there could have
    been just enough length. The cable is bad as it is, so it may not hurt to

  11. GameTechUS says:

    Of course there is a reason why! 🙂 I would check to make sure the new AC
    adapter has the right polarity, negative tip. Beyond that it’s prolly

  12. Watcher3223 says:

    The flex cable you will need: 15 conductors 180 mm length 1 mm conductor
    width 1 mm pitch I’ll send you a link to the Liberty Electronics page that
    has the part that may work. It’s 200 mm instead of 180, but that little
    extra length shouldn’t be a problem.

  13. Watcher3223 says:

    Unfortunately, I don’t. The parts unit I had was harvested long ago and
    what was left was thrown out.

  14. Watcher3223 says:

    What you could also try is to Google “flat flex cable liberty electronics.”
    Check the result for flat flex cables from Liberty Electronics online. They
    stock cables that might be just what you need. All you need to do with the
    old cable is to measure (in millimeters) its length as well as the
    conductor pitch. Then, find a 15-pin cable with a length measurement that’s
    close enough, if not exact, to the original. The pitch measurement must
    match, of course.

  15. GameTechUS says:

    I was sure if I tried it then the cable would be too short to work properly.

  16. Watcher3223 says:

    When I said “back the other side with adhesive tape,” I meant back the end
    that you had scraped off insulation to enable a secure connection once the
    lock collar is closed.