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Review of Samsung 5003 40″ LED TV (UN40D5003BF) as PC Monitor and for Skyrim

8ms Response price I believe (not specified by Samsung), 21 lbs with out stand not twenty five, which is with stand. As of Could 2012 I’ve included a VESA wall mount stand and…

Design and style elegante. Internet. Imagens em 3D. Aplicativos. Quer mais? A Television de LED Samsung ES6500 tem tudo isso e muito mais. Conteúdos exclusivos, vídeos, fotos,…
Movie Rating: four / five

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  1. Braiyan Arregui says:

    i have 2 questions
    wath port hdmi do you use that you can use the tv of monitor
    and wath name have the port because is importan the name of the port hdmi 1
    and 2 that the configuration of the resolution of the TV 

  2. Ryan Kelleher says:

    What kind of graphics card will suffice? will a Radeon XFX R9 work?

  3. Zippyzah says:

    Markus, does it hurt your eyes after extensive use? I’d play a game for a
    solid 4 to 6 hours. 2 feet away, that size, does it sting after a while?

  4. ikonane says:

    Difference between this and the 42 F5000?

  5. Chris Flynn says:

    I did the same thing with my computer. I have a 42″ full HD Westinghouse
    attached to my rig via dvi, it is great.

  6. Markus Aurelius says:

    HDMI cable or HDMI to DVI cable, depends on your graphics card

  7. tiago0182 says:

    as you did to leave fullscreen ?

  8. Gerry Morada says:

    what gpu are you using for this monitor?

  9. Skynetz says:

    No problem, I went ahead and picked one up. I love it.

  10. Markus Aurelius says:

    not that I can detect, sorry for late response

  11. Marine0811 says:

    I just ordered the 46″ one. I got it primarily to use as a TV but I will
    also be using it as a computer monitor for gaming on EQ2. I don’t play any
    other games so I’m not worried about Frame Rate for FPS games. But since
    the majority of my media (Music and Video) is on my PC, I figure I may as
    well connect them. Most all my TV shows and Movies are MKV format. I also
    just got Samsung VG-KBD1500 Wireless Keyboard. It’s on it’s way. Nice vid,
    will apply settings when all’s in.

  12. Markus Aurelius says:

    well when you say cant connect what exactly do you mean ? the back of this
    TV takes HDMI inputs or component video (RGB) connectors. But if you are
    going from a PC then you must connect via the HDMI. Depedning on your video
    card or motherboard, this means HDMI or DVI-D out from your PC to HDMI in
    on the TV

  13. Comrade Obama says:

    Thank you so much for that comment!!!! I was so dissatisfied when i saw the
    picture of my monitor haha

  14. Markus Aurelius says:

    make sure you are in the HDMI/DVI port on the TV, this is the port lable #1
    other than that check your cable quality. the TVs native resolution is much
    higher than 1024×768 (1920×1080) so this also coulsd be the reason. be sure
    to run at native resolution of close to it (I run slightly lower than that
    at 1842×1036 rescaled using Nvidia control panel) so the desktop fits
    exactly the screen size in windows)

  15. peter cas says:

    nice gettin this today ina couple of hours lol

  16. Markus Aurelius says:

    GTX 670, but I had a GTX 580 at the time of purchase. overkill really

  17. ownyoufevr says:

    double up on nut sacks

  18. Markus Aurelius says:

    yes, indded, just larger pixels in the end

  19. Markus Aurelius says:

    not that I can see from the menu

  20. PointerException says:

    I still dont get this. Should I use a HDMI-DVi or a HDMI-HDMI to connect
    the pc to the LED TV? And most important, why?

  21. Markus Aurelius says:

    sorry havent checked my site for a while. I think you may have some motion
    jutter algorithms set on your TV. For Phillips this is called “perfect
    motion rate”. This is intended for movies at 24 FPS and it does not work
    well for games. In the menu for the TV try turning off all digital
    enhancement features such as this one. and set the TV for 60Hz if you can.

  22. GGNORE says:

    I personally dislike the idea of bezels being in-between my setups as well.
    Good idea getting a 120HZ HDTV!

  23. Tim Sanders says:

    OK so… in aronud the middle of the video, you will see your wall is VERY
    orange, now when you look at your wall at night, is it REALLY orange? I
    doubt it This is caused by your monitor being too BLUE, don’t believe me?
    Set the camera white balance to match your room — NOW what color is the
    monitor, and that’s what you look at every night There is a way to easily
    fix it f.lux – google it it makes your screen more natural looking at night
    and helps reduce eyestrain I hope you like it! enjoy

  24. Guilherme Valladao says:

    Como confiar em uma comentário “técnico” sendo que o português foi
    assassinado? Melhor ignorar.

  25. wloskill says:

    comprei e ta semdo uma bosta.,BACKLIGHT imenso eu to assistindo com as
    luses apagadas ta parecendo uma boate aki to troca essa merd leem antes de
    comprar !!^~.

  26. Carlos Gomes says:

    Os modelos ES6500 são excelentes e o custo beneficio tbm. Imagem
    fantastica, o som deixa um pouco a desejar, mas como uso HomeTheater pra
    ver filmes não me é problema. As funções são ótimas, o allshare é incrivel,
    parece mágica. O wi-fi embutido é uma excelente vantagem em relação ás
    demais concorrentes. O Clear Motion Rate é algo a se comentar. Simplesmente
    incrivel, é estranho de inicio tamanha a qualidade da imagem, aliado aos
    480hz, é de babar. Me arrependo só d ñ ter comprado uma de 60″ 🙂

  27. Robert Ozzy says:

    Ola skill. Tava pensando em comprar uma dessas. Você pode ser mais
    especifico explicando esse “problema” que você relatou? Obrigado.