LCD TV 123

Stereo TV VCR and DVD Autopsy

i abbreviated some outdated electronics we didnt require any far more and identified some awesome parts that i can use on future projects. and i would actually just been needing tha…
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  1. TheMoneypresident says:

    Did a vid taking my crap apart and found that the dvd motors did the best
    generation for a small motor. The ejector motor isn’t as good but looks
    almost the same. Just a simple test up to meter and thumb.

  2. Rinoa Super-Genius says:

    some of the best DC generators are tredmill motors, can make up to a few
    kilowatts with one.

  3. Rinoa Super-Genius says:

    yeah rotary television is pretty cool, the main downside to it is you need
    like a 3kw bulb in order to get enough light through the little holes in
    the plate. could prolly be done better with lasers or something now.

  4. TheMoneypresident says:

    don’t have a treadmill had crap home entertainment and easily find those.
    but just messing around found the mechanism to come apart easy just that
    the screw holding the motors were much harder to get out. Small micro
    generator like a hand crank or what ever?? I miss speak in my vids and just
    a fart knocker but it’s there to see.

  5. Rinoa Super-Genius says:

    i…actually like this idea. i’d make the light brighter and it would have
    a stronger strobing affect. good idea!

  6. Lewis Doherty says:

    Mount the motor from for the disk on top of the new steampunk helment light
    so that disks with semi-transparent patterns can be mounted and spun in
    front of the light. Anyone looking at you would become nauseous with a Mad
    Hatter effect. It could tilt perpendicular out of the way for the headlight
    setting and down in front of the light for irritating someone.

  7. Lewis Doherty says:

    I thought you would like it. When I was looking at the TV breakdown, I was
    thinking about a color TV system that CBS developed at the end of the 1940s
    using a rotating RGB color wheel. But, the system RCA developed was
    compatible with black and white transmission and reception systems so the
    FCC eventually went with that one as the standard.

  8. DerLeeker says:

    oh thought i would something else 😉

  9. Rinoa Super-Genius says:

    it’s cicadas chirping in the trees, can’t really stop them. its always
    super loud when they are out. but atleast they are louder than the drunk
    neighbors and their dogs. :p btw thanks

  10. DerLeeker says:

    What is this a dissolder Gun?

  11. DerLeeker says:

    hm but it not annoying if i watch concentrated the video 🙂

  12. DerLeeker says:

    i really thought that because all of my microphones made some strange
    things some times.