LCD TV 123

Panasonic TH-42PX600U 42″ HD Plasma TV

The realism of a TV’s picture is strongly joined to its contrast ratio, and this plasma functions a large distinction ratio of up to ten thousand:one. Such a extensive range fro…
Video clip Score: 3 / five set+mit+46+zoll+und+tollem+bild+unter+800+euro.htm Im Jahr 2009 hatte Panasonic die Nas…

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  1. al3xband says:

    yeah…tell me about it…

  2. Karen Hope Sheraton says:

    Yrh great doesnt say in the manual that they devolop vertical lines and
    only manufactures can mend them.. might as well buy a new one..

  3. loopba says:

    This guy could sell this TV to a blind dude. I’m pressing the buy button
    right now. Not a very technical or objective review.

  4. ladygodia says:

    @believr77 selling TV’s? Maybe he owns his own outlet.

  5. believr77 says:

    what an annoying person. stay in school kids, so you don’t end up doing
    crap like this.

  6. kazzda says:

    At least he’s got a job that he likes

  7. freeinfotv says:

    i just love LCDs and Plasmazzz!

  8. mawio says:

    don’t we all love vga?

  9. Rising Cookie says:

    Less of a review, more of a cocking sucking advert.

  10. copperhead88 says:

    holy crap that tv is ugly look at the frame…. man that silver is uglyyyy

  11. tcuk says:

    Panasonic does need to hire better chassis designers.