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Panasonic – TVC – De beste plasma tv – 2005

DandA, produceerde voor deze Panasonic televisiecommercial – de Nederlandse stemmen (Berend Dubbe) – de geluidsmix.
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Viewing angle take a look at of the Panasonic ST60 Plasma Tv set. Full assessment at: set/plasma/panasonic/st60 Design examined: TC-P55ST60 Should al…
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  1. RtingsTV says:

    It is really good. Check out the pictures taken in a bright room in our
    full review (link in the description of this video). Of course, there is
    still some reflections, but it can hardly be any better than this. It gives
    a blueish tint though.

  2. Adam Pedzimaz says:

    Hi. And is this anti glare filter on ST60 really do it`s job? I have LG PC
    monitor with anti glare layer, but it seems to do not do it`s job…

  3. RtingsTV says:

    What didn’t you like about the LG LN5700? Knowing this would help
    recommending a TV based on your preferences.

  4. dominique jasper says:

    Which would be better fI bought the lg5700 wasn’t that happy I heard that
    plasmas are better for gaming