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LCD TV Problem – Vertical Ghost Lines

A demonstration of my Tv that shows vertical ghosting lines. Television is: Toshiba 40xv640u – 40″ Tv – 1080p & 120Hz able. Signal supply: D-Sub fifteen – 1024×768 at …
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  1. ImNotPaulAvery69 says:

    Dont let Camron see this, that wallpaper will make em cry :.O(

  2. GenMClark says:

    For the fix of this problem check out this simple fix video,

  3. Andrew Leung says:

    thanks for sharing! I wish I saw this before getting rid of the TV in the
    video. I just don’t get why the ghosting start appearing tho.. is it
    because of dirt that gets into the loose ribbon cable over time?

  4. thestuffguyable says:

    Did you have any luck with this? Mine does the same thing, same model.
    Thought it was the tcon, but I replaced that and didn’t help a bit. Thanks.

  5. josh flounder says:

    my tv has the same problem and i have nothing to do about i have a samung
    42 inch lcd flatscreen and it seems that the video seems to be showing a
    bigger picture of itself in a more faded way i just want your request on
    what i should do about it

  6. Andrew Leung says:

    A TV repair guy offered to look at it for free but he said the fix would
    start at $250 and up for just parts. I ended up giving it away instead. I
    thought it would be a Tcon problem… that didn’t fix it at all?