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How to Use Picture Modes in LED TV

There are 4 distinct image modes for Samsung LED TV’s. Check out this movie that points out what they are and when to use them. For much more specifics and much more…
Movie Score: four / five

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  1. bledzone231 says:

    Just bought tv Samsung LED, I just copied picture setting of dynamic and
    standard, but my tv still looks blurry. How do I fix it? Anyone. Please
    help here. Thanks…

  2. gatocrib says:

    I did the calibration with the UN50ES6900FXZA and it did work very happy
    with the blue ray picture.I bought the tv from best buy on sell with free
    xbox.It took me about 25 min to do the calibration.(EVEN BEFORE THE
    CALIBRATION) One thing I don’t like is watching Time Warner Cable even on
    HD channel don’t look good on this TV.This TV is on upgrade from a 42″
    TOSHIBA REGZA 530. How is your HD if you have cable?

  3. SPSN says:

    This may be due to an error in your model’s current firmware. The Auto
    Motion Plus feature on EH6000 models can be disabled (set to off) but still
    remains active. This error has been corrected by a firmware update. Please
    update your firmware to 1012.3 or higher. We hope this information helps!

  4. Bobbymustangrx8 says:

    Was there an update that took away the wireless connection? Because when I
    got my tv in may I had wirelles connection and now I have only wired.I went
    to the store where I bought it and tested 2 tv’s like mine and they also
    had no wireless connection but in may of this year there was, even the
    selsman was wondering why.pls respond my tv is the Samsung c8000 led 3d tv