LCD TV 123

LG Press Conference: 4K Ultra High Definiton TV, OLED TV’s, and a Laser Based Projector – CES 2013

Robert attended the LG Push Convention and acquired a look at their popular 4K Extremely Large Definition Tv set, the OLED Tv’s and their laser based projector. ———-…

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  1. Obed Blas says:

    So LG looking like a BOSS!

  2. Benjamin Hanna says:

    I never realised how smooth Robert Heron’s voice is.

  3. vaxbuster says:

    Analog Pen & Pad .. Rocking the latest technology at CES? Battery flat in
    the iPad?

  4. Raptor50aus says:

    Hmmm lots of loving K !

  5. Tyler saddington says:


  6. XxxxBEELZEBUBxxxX says:

    and the other half you can read for yourself on net. would be nice to see
    the products

  7. OPG19872 says:

    I <3 Veronica!!