LCD TV 123

Samsung 82″ 3840x2160p Ultra High Definition Quad-HD LCD TV

Totally awesome, the best screens in the globe. Quad Hd is completely crazy top quality. I listened to from some CMO engineers after that the big difference in manufacturi…
Video Score: three / five

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  1. TheMaximus60 says:

    and porn too

  2. DEX Razr says:

    *Especially on PC considering their games are higher quality

  3. doltBmB says:

    A bad motherboard reduces performance though.

  4. Sucklefish says:

    @iTechHelper1 I got gangbanged by a bunch of people that don’t know how
    large an 82″ tv is? trololol…..

  5. shinyfuzzy says:

    what do you mean even on a pc? are you trying to imply that consoles have
    better graphics?

  6. kapil prajapat says:

    Nothing like anything

  7. Sucklefish says:

    @blo0magic You’re seriously fucking retarded if you think that is what I

  8. andrademeza says:

    @SnakeStormTV yeah thats what i was saying…misleading title..

  9. hildegain says:

    @iTechHelper1 Yeah totally, maybe you should brush up on your trolling
    skills because you’ve yet to actually offend anyone, you just made yourself
    look obvious.

  10. Arnas Marnas says:

    Ten Years Later Random Comment On Youtube 4020p Wee Meet Again 😀

  11. michaelcat41 says:

    HD is acutally 720P not 1080

  12. Harry Akira Eaton says:

    Scavenger was talking about playing games, even without overclocking having
    a good motherboard is a good idea. Saying a motherboard has no effect on
    performance pretty ignorant, silly person.

  13. r3tr0gam3r1337 says:

    @Charbax you’re right about the backlighting of the LED TV that is still an
    LCD and there are 2 forms of LED lighting, back lit and side lit while
    older LCD displays use floresant tubes or other wise knowen as CCFL. i also
    fell for the very misleading adverts for LED TV’s but in a way im glad as
    for games and HD movies the black levels from the LED’s is stunning.

  14. Misaka Mikoto says:

    @Charbax TFT means thin film transfer. You mean CCFL (which is actually

  15. KungFuChess says:

    This dude is so color coordinated his suit matches the building

  16. Dave says:

    Where can i get one? Why the hell are we still stuck with 1080 only?