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TV Monitor LED 24″ Samsung Full HD 1080p LT24B350

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Steps taken to eliminate the outdoors bezel from a 2011 Samsung UN55D7000 Television set to give it a modified sleeker physical appearance. Will almost certainly also implement for the 8000 manner…
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  1. Taber Price says:

    Looks way better

  2. Zraupp10 says:


  3. satish890 says:

    you have any pictures of your setup ? it looks very sharp

  4. Ron D'Avilar says:

    Looks great

  5. akila219 says:

    probably not, the bezel on the 60″ is different from the 55″

  6. Tsoom CGA says:

    u r the best ! I need some videowall displays. They are too expensive. 55″
    videowall displays starting at 7000$. Samsung UN55D7000 55-Inch It’s only

  7. akila219 says:

    i have the same TV model, will this work on the 60″ as well if i decide to
    wall mount it?

  8. iamroot88 says:

    great video!!!

  9. Obed Blas says:

    Man come over do mine ur shit looks great I have ES557500.

  10. donneeome says:

    Doing this will f–k your set up.

  11. dougcardo says:

    Its about .2″ w/o the clear bezel.

  12. Heriberto Reynoso says:

    It is .2″ (or 5.08mm) with it on. Now how thick is the bezel after removal?

  13. dougcardo says:

    I don’t see why not. Just be extra careful when handling it to mount it.

  14. NetGenReviews says:

    Looks great 🙂

  15. lapi0040 says:

    Sold DIY, would have been nice to see a before bezel and not just the after.

  16. Anil Vangari says:

    looks good btw