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Fix Convergence Problem On Your Projection TV

How to Resolve a Convergence Problem on your Rear Projection Television Advised economical supplies… Artic Silver Ceramique Thermal Compound:…
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  1. Jose Villarreal says:

    What should this repair cost just so i know if i decide to take it to

  2. Izlude Tingel says:

    Wondering if there’s any electrical hazards. Sony kp51ws510, the
    convergence boards are right there as I open it up, but there’s a fat red
    anode plugged right into it (the flyback). Do I need to discharge it the
    same way I do a tube TV?

  3. jigilowman says:

    still have problem your resolution didn’t work and now is time to call
    1800-you-tube = Repair man

  4. 69pointdexter says:

    have steady hands while doing this people

  5. ducklandwikeno says:

    Remove that music from this video . If this is a info video why the music .
    Its annoying to listen to when playing this video .

  6. Col Klink says:

    After doing the thing it was worse. Called the repair guy who bought still
    more chips – same thing. He’s now trying the Convergence Control board.

  7. cfaguy100 says:

    Maybe you should find a video to show you how to use your volume control

  8. Ryder Duvall says:

    How do you fix the blue shadow issue?

  9. CurryMs says:

    This would be great to try but I seem to be stuck at the first step! My
    remote does not offer an “initial setup” option when I press menu. Only
    settings are for parental controls, etc…. What am I doing wrong?

  10. surfergreen1 says:

    I dont know how to fix the problem, but i wanted to commiserate about rock
    band. a similar situation happened to me last week and i refuse to play
    rock band anymore. good luck!

  11. ola gbodi says:

    my tv shows something like 3d and idk how to fix it. pls help

  12. Kevin Gamache says:

    How do I change the color I am on when working in the convergence setting,
    I’m stuck on red I need to fix blue. I’m using a universal remote btw

  13. samsungbuffer says:

    STK795-521C AXF1145 STK795-523E AXF1144 STK621-412 STK795-820 STK795-821
    STK795-811A STK795-813 YPPD-J010A YPPD-J012A 4921QP1029 YPPD-J015E
    SN755866 SN755867 SN755870 SN755882 FE3407F AS15-F AS15-G AS19-G KIA78L05F

  14. vcf3 says:

    Thumbs up if you came here because of the AWESOME song, not their Rear
    Projection TV services!

  15. skinny302 says:

    @IRENENA60 okay did you get the three wires plugged in the same way they
    came out the three in front of stks. also did u remember to plug in the one
    onthe right of board looking from the back of set. if you got all that
    right then you still got a bad chip or you missed a resistor. i had bought
    bad a couple of times brand new chips. i had the same set. also when you
    soldered the board you didnt bur any of the roads. i did that once it drove
    me nuts looking for it. just some thoughts

  16. ecollier2012 says:

    You can call in a repair shop or you can get the parts and instructions
    from sites like “TV Repair Kits” and do the repair yourself. Its a fairly
    easy DIY fix.

  17. LeapinLeptons15 says:

    Helpful until you got silly.And didn’t show the removal and
    repacement…kidding me katie in Short’s..thanks for nothing ..

  18. Kim Ygrubay says:

    I did order from ebay. and just had it FIX myself and it work. .. thanks
    this is a big help.

  19. sedera12 says:

    i have a Hitachi 50 inch projection tv and it has complete black across the
    top of screen from the top till about 1/4 down. model number 50UX27K . what
    could be the problem ? thanks,susan

  20. lawnside82 says:

    i found a cite selling authentic sanyo ics….i dont really know how to
    test the compasitors or resistors….