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Hardware.Info TV #224 deel 2 2 TV Trends 2011 – Philips, Samsung, Sony, Sharp, LG

Components.Details Television #224 deel two 2 Tv set Traits 2011 – Philips, Samsung, Sony, Sharp, LG.
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Welcome to High definition Country… Tech Feed version! Your guide to the greatest in High definition material… and the greatest in property theatre equipment, no subject what your spending budget is! Robert H…

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  1. Mark Holder says:

    Panasonic S60 and VT60 are the best gaming televisions easy

  2. 2002cincyfan says:

    You 2 should start your own YouTube channel! Don’t like other tech feed

  3. statm1 says:

    Either 720p or 1080i..

  4. Kody Misialek says:

    HDTVs for Gaming

  5. What's the Big Deal? says:

    An all-new HD Nation with +Robert Heron and +patrick norton. The guys show
    you how to optimize your Blu-ray player and talk about #AppleTV ‘s possible
    upcoming ad-skipping feature. Have a question about home theater/HD TV’s?
    Leave it below!

  6. Jeremy Rumbolt says:

    Set Up Your #Bluray Player Right! #HDTV’s for #Gaming. Does Mastered in #4KLook Better?

  7. ajd20066 says:

    Some of them do, but it is usually their own proprietary USB Wi-Fi adapter.
    They normally charge an extra $60 or so to get the adapter.

  8. dovalusalex says:


  9. TheGarvito says:

    Whats a good speaker set with a sony 1040?

  10. Matthew Eloie says:

    I might be able to only need one Hdmi for that price but max I could G0

  11. Matthew Ong says:

    This channel should be bigger

  12. Prence says:

    The raspberry’s taste like raspberry’s, the snozzberrys taste like
    snozzberrys, and the dingleberrys taste like, well they taste like shit!

  13. Branden Hooper says:

    Nice Powell’s Books shirt!!

  14. 12345678910bigal says:

    haha exactly !

  15. Callum Suttle says:

    Robert, come to my house

  16. Joe G.P. says:

    projectors have lamps that don’t last very long (compared to an LCD) so i
    don’t recommend using it as a TV, and yes if you have a PC and TV Tuner you
    can connect a projector