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LG IPS234V-PN vs Samsung S22B350 LED IPS monitors quick test

My digital camera do not demonstrate very great colors of this very good screens. IPS have better shades and Viewing Angle, but Samsung have far better price/efficiency. LG IPS234V-…
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  1. Daniel Ruderman says:

    People keep on saying that the Samsung S22B350 looked better, but it was
    really obvious that the brightness on the LG IPS234V-PN was way to bright,
    making the colors look, not washed out, but distorted. If the brightness
    was dropped, it would look much more intense, vibrant and rich in color
    compared to the Samsung S22B350.

  2. Sander Hauge says:

    Both are awesome, but i think Samsung got more chill colors. Still, LG is

  3. LIMIT BEATS says:

    very very good video. thank you for the upload.

  4. misakyi says:

    LG WIN !

  5. Artūrs M says:

    thanks, but I do not remember song name.

  6. Nasos kef says:

    Very nice video . But i wanted to ask about that song please !

  7. Psyboyo says:

    Thanks for… “waching”?

  8. Artūrs M says:

    thank you! Big fail from me 🙂

  9. TheFitchyboy2 says:

    You can’t tell Jack shit from this kind of comparison. It makes me laugh
    when ppl on YouTube think you can tell on here

  10. Artūrs M says:

    both are good for gaming. TN screens tend to be faster at a cost of color
    accuracy and viewing angles(view from the side/above/below). IPS panels are
    far better for color and viewing angles at a cost of overall speed.

  11. antfactorys says:

    is ips ok for gaming?

  12. Alexis Javier says:

    Mistake I did was bought a lg tv over a Samsung.

  13. ukguy says:

    I’ve got a 5 year old Samsung led tv which is on most of the time and is
    still working perfectly…….. Samsung and Lg are both good.

  14. Mary Grace Latayan says:

    hi guys which is better for computer shop to use it

  15. zak cooper says:

    your so right. Ive got a 32 inch lg hdtv i only paid £200 for 4 years ago,
    its left on 24 hours a day in the office, for 4 years. not even 1 dead

  16. kicksoffs says:

    Can I have the LG, it would go perfectly with my PS3.

  17. bqumba1 says:

    did u focuse your camera on samsung??

  18. Khaled Asas says:

    samsung is beater 🙂

  19. OddFacade says:

    Despite your camera’s quality, it’s obvious that Samsung is the better

  20. Sithu kyaw says:

    samsung is overrated in phones and monitors and TVs. LG is very underrated

  21. SURREAL-_-KAMPA says:

    I’m sorry, but which one is best for you? Not taking into account the
    price. What is the best monitor?