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Panasonic TR-1200x TV/Boombox Demo

Demonstration of a Panasonic TR-1200x Tv/Boombox.

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  1. Sithira Weerasinghe says:

    These old things are increadiblly amazing!!!! 

  2. DTD110865 says:

    I just cam from a video where somebody was displaying a Sharp 5P-37G
    boombox. The TV Screen is much smaller, although it has separate linear
    tuners for radio and TV. They may not make them like this anymore, but they
    do have boomboxes with DVD’s, color flat-screen TV’s and SD card and USB

  3. DvdXploitr says:

    there is a difference in DESIGNED and ASSEMBLED…everyone knows Apple
    products are ASSEMBLED in China…but the design, looks, capabilities,
    functions, etc…all are designed in CA…

  4. dorbellbuster2011 says:

    what is that track you are playing on the cassette sounds amazing and nic
    vid man rock on

  5. thelonebeader says:

    Cool, I want one! 😀

  6. Nathan Brown says:


  7. MrOldskoolcars says:

    how did you get the atari to work on there i have the same one but no coax
    input ??

  8. FelixTheHouseFreak says:

    Hello, what is the name of the song at the end of the video? It sounds
    really cool!

  9. RevengeofGothzilla says:

    I have a similar TV/Boombox made by Montgomery Ward. It has a lot of
    problems though. I can’t fix it. TV on it works though.

  10. Greg canales says:

    Dam that is amazing. It would be a great tresure to keep. What sucks is
    digital tv 🙁

  11. Ucwepn says:

    so futuristic

  12. dwtdwtdwt says:

    I’ve been looking for this model for a long time. They are so hard to find
    in the condition you keep yours. IF ANYONE HAS ONE to sell at a reasonable
    price, please contact me and let me know. Great demonstrational video!

  13. Nik Neuy says:

    It’s so cooooool! to bad uhf channels is not available anymore

  14. Dani N Fan says:

    Por dios que cosa mas guay!!!

  15. retrovintage93 says:


  16. clk27us says:

    That’s fucking fantastic! Is it for sale?

  17. Bobc says:

    I still have mine I bought in 1982. Everything works and nothing is broken.
    Even have the glare cover for the TV. 🙂

  18. Morahman7vnNo2 says:

    Cool, you could probably do some portable gaming with that!