LCD TV 123

Samsung 32″ HDTV Unboxing

My 1st unboxing: Samsung 32″ Lcd Hd Television set Specs: 720p 60Hz, two-5 watt speakers, swivel stand, 2 HDMI ports, RCA enter(s), Audio in/out edited with iMovie 09′
Online video Score: three / five

Can you repair an externally cracked plasma or liquid crystal display screen?Most likely not. It is a vacuum chamber and when it cracked, it let air into the envelope. The yet again, if i…

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  1. Mark Hugh Neri says:

    why you move so fast? :p

  2. EvilErnie999 says:

    This guy is an idiot.

  3. wameezy says:

    Fuck what people think i just bought a samsung tv the other day and its the
    best tv ive ever owned no problems what so ever. Sounds good, Picture
    qualitys excellent, and im getting my HD hooked up tmrw.

  4. MNKYGaming says:

    @Lawrencewwefan get an education before you go and comment with words like
    “faget” on youtube kid.

  5. Fidde F says:

    shamsung x)

  6. pepOnshow says:

    Congrats man i have the same tv my unboxing was on Xmas day 🙂 works just
    fine and its good for gaming and watching movies on blueray

  7. henrikroxs says:

    im getting this tv is it fine as 720p

  8. Aaron2k46 says:

    If you arnt retarded you will know Samsung is gay

  9. Rish8338 says:

    SAMSUNG is one of the top LED TV manufacturer. I do have 2 SAMSUNG TV at
    home. One is LED UA40C5000 (since 9 months) and another LCD 32″ Series 3
    (since 2 years). So far, they perform very well…

  10. Lawrencewwefan says:

    is that u in the vid cause u look gay n shiney u have sweaT pits

  11. kangunit1 says:

    Make more videos

  12. Zachary Hamrick says:

    Go on amazon and you can buy one for as low as $200

  13. Vincent Francisco says:

    @Lawrencewwefan lol okay no need for the hostility, it’s a television, get
    over it.

  14. Roar620 says:

    We have 60″ samsung Tv and we had it for about almost 6 or 7 years and the
    picture is great the sound is great and we have NEVER had anyproblems with
    this tv. And i’ve heard nothing but compliments on samsung.. so clearly
    this so called consumer affairs site is bull… even the better buisness
    bureau is a bullsh** site…for years people trusted what was said on there
    untill they found out the were recieving bribes for good ratings..

  15. Lawrencewwefan says:

    is that u in the vid cause u look gay n shiney u have sweaT pits

  16. Vincent Francisco says:

    @Lawrencewwefan It’s actually *Vinny, and This is MY video, so i’ll comment
    on it whenever I please, thanks.

  17. yourtheguyisaw says:

    hey nice video would you reccomennd it?

  18. James Ro says:

    I got piss at bf4 and toss my case for one of the game and just see a web
    on the tv

  19. EngageStrategy says:

    Got mad at cod ghosts punched the tv now my pixels are gone

  20. aamir masood says:

    aamir hear

  21. Anas BmD says:

    I accidently broke my tv and now my dad is gonna kill me :”(

  22. DeeezBeats says:

    I got angry and slammed my ipod headphones and it fucking cracked. Dear
    Plasma screen tv makers, Go fuck yourself

  23. Tony Smith says:

    lol…How about just using the one that works…lol

  24. Maxwell Moore says:

    It was my bro’s though

  25. Maxwell Moore says:


  26. Juan Sanchez says:

    I thru my cellphone at my tv, somehow the phone didn’t break but the tv
    did, maybe i’ll just buy a new one 🙁

  27. Ethan Henning says:

    i got so angry at my ps3 that i threw it at my laptop (witch was a pc) and
    i am typing this on my brand new 999$ macbook air

  28. chinchillawrangler says:

    nice. my dad threw my xbox controller at our $2000 flatscreen and broken
    the screen and somehow my xbox controller

  29. bas dinge says:

    thats a very common problem

  30. RudeStreetGang says:

    My team raged and I was spawn traped by thier whole team. So I slammed the
    control and the back peice bouced up and broke my screan

  31. Jennifer Opoku says:

    cool vid!!!