LCD TV 123


  1. Mikelaren101 says:

    We just unboxed ours a few days ago and its just as fucked at this one. But
    it does not correct itself. 

  2. jason karl Salud says:

    Hi guys I already fixed mine. also with this problem. I’m not from US and
    has a US bought tv and no warranty , its UN60ES8000FXZA.

    I researched and found out that It’s an ACCESSORY BOARD PROBLEM

    I found my parts number here

    I took the gamble than have my tv just hanging there with no use.
    so I ordered the parts in EBAY from someone in US

    Samsung Main Board BN94-05586Y for UN60ES8000FXZA UN60ES8000F UN60ES8000

    It arrived last monday and I installed it myself. and problem is gone.

    I’m still not sure to what damaged it. so i didnt insert anything in the
    usb or hdmi slot yet, only my cable box is attached.

    I think it’s not a power surge problem bec. power board may be damage on
    power-surges and not accessory board.

    It could be some device that I inserted. I charged my iphone once on of the
    usb before. could it be the cause?

  3. Adam M says:

    I have this EXACT same problem. I don’t even watch my TV that much. I’ve
    had it for 4 months now and after watching a movie I went to put on another
    it just started to do the colour and boot loop thing. I did a factory
    reset…seemed to work for abit then started up again 🙁 .. I bought a 60
    inch one too cost so much money and haven’t really used it to die on me
    when I do use it.

  4. hamza khan says:

    There is wire connecting main board to the evolution kit board, remove it
    and clean it with petrol or any other cleaning material.

  5. Ardjoen Bihariesingh says:

    I have the exact same problem, as soon as I touch a button it goes into the
    loop. It’s not possible to adjust volume or go to another source….then it
    will go into the loop. I also don’t live in the US, but I bought the TV
    there.When I contacted support, they told me that support is only for
    US…….I should contact a samsung dealer in my country…..we don’t have
    a samsung dealer here in Surinam -_- So if someone knows how to fix this,
    please let let me know.

  6. cystfan says:

    this is the second time this has happened to me on my 65″ series 8. the
    first time was not even 3 months ago (which was only 4 months after i
    bought it in march 2013). the samsung tech came to my home and replaced the
    mainboard. the samsung tech is coming again tomorrow and will do (i assume)
    the same thing. i am using a surge protector for the tv, but not a UPS.
    will be asking the tech tomorrow why this is happening to see what he
    says… after all, the warranty doesnt last forever 🙁

  7. jason karl Salud says:

    charbcoal, we have the same problem, but i have the 60″ ES8000 i noticed
    that when i press the volume up or down in remote, it will start the
    problem. i can still use my tv but i never touch the remote. good thing,
    we’re using a cable box to change channels. but i still want it to be
    fixed. this tv was bought from U.S. and given as a gift and no warranty
    bec. im outside US. Im reading comments below i think this happens to smart
    tv’s im hoping it’s only a firmware or software problem.

  8. jason karl Salud says:

    Hi jonathan, was it under warranty when you have it fixed? and you have no
    problem so far? im guilty of not using surge protector or voltage regulator
    but im using an extension wire with fuse. never thought. a surge will still
    damage it.

  9. jason karl Salud says:

    hi sebastian , can you give update on the fix?

  10. jason karl Salud says:

    did u able to get it fixed?

  11. Charbcoal says:

    i just had the very same problem on my 5 months-old 46″ ES8000 Samsung LED.
    Even if does start up, it freezes and goes into a rebooting loop on the
    touch of any key whether on TV or remote!!! How did you solve you problem?

  12. JzoneMedia says:

    Possible main board failure or software corruption. make sure your firmware
    is up to date (menu, support,contact Samsung)and I believe it will end with

  13. Douglas Francisquini says:

    Hi, I just had exactly the same issue with my TV. I think I passed the
    whole weekend trying to fix this. The solution for my problem was just to
    disconect the network. Probably some old software version is installed in
    the TV and when I turned the TV on, the wireless network was trying to
    update it and creating the whole issue. The TV is finally working well

  14. TheSoldier4Christ says:

    I contacted Samsung and they are sending a repair tech to fix my issue.
    They have even ordered parts.