LCD TV 123

Samsung LCD backlight fix.

Samsung LNS4041DX/XAA Liquid crystal display, unit experienced audio but intermittently no image (backlight). Occasionally it would turn on for a number of minutes then go dark, sometimes it …
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  1. Ahmed Marzouk says:

    I don’t understand the video
    what should I do with the solder joint ?

  2. Juan Echeverria says:

    I purchased a 40″ samsung from my neighbor and fixed it because of the
    video. thank she had already bought a new tv!. Thanks.

  3. Robert Gleason says:

    Thank you so much ….After waiting countless hours on the phone with Geek
    Squad, Samsung and a score of repair services, “expert” in Samsung Repairs,
    I decided to go with your fix, mostly out of frustration. 1/2 hour later,
    up and running and so far, so good…. My 55″ back in operation….However
    I will say a small prayer every day, as a disbeliever who has found a
    revelation, of sorts.

  4. stgubala says:

    Thanks so much for posting this. I was inspecting mine for the cap issue
    and was dismayed that I didn’t find anything wrong. Then I saw your video
    and removed the board and observed identical damage at the same terminal. A
    quick re-solder of all the heavy component locations and it ran for
    multiple hours without issue. Spot on video!

  5. mirmarx1 says:

    Just fixed my Samsung using this video.THANK YOU.

  6. inothome says:

    @mirmarx1 Great, you’re welcome. Guess this can be considered a somewhat
    common problem.

  7. inothome says:

    @stgubala Excellent!! Glad it helped, this is why I posted the video, to
    help out others if they had the same problem.

  8. inothome says:


  9. drjeffstein says:

    I have the same symptoms on the exact same 40″ Samsung TV and I’m convinced
    that you identified the problem for me. I will try to get a soldering gun
    to fix any broken joints, but I am worried about being able to locate the
    proper terminal when I remove the board. Any suggestions about how I might
    do so? Can you superimpose an arrow or two in your video regarding the
    location of the joints? Thanks for your effort!!