LCD TV 123

Samsung Lcd Tv Repair | Replacing the main board Replacing the primary boaar on a Samsung led tv for distored photo and shuts down troubles. Product UN40d5005B.
Movie Score: 3 / 5

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  1. Phil Montemayor says:

    Thanks for the info. Work in a electronics lab; oils from us can cross
    onto the cards and accelerate dust collection, more heat generated, bad …
    Power tools, if for task in electronics, will be torque calibrated to not
    strip out screws or screw wells.

  2. Dreamer5211 says:

    Why to do repair people feel the need to use power screw drivers ? Why not
    take the time to use a conventional screw driver and NOT damage the screws
    ? Please throw away the instrument of destruction , thank you. O__ don`t
    work on my TV !!!!

  3. Geoffrey Hines says:

    hey fellas. thanks for the video- very enlightening. how would I find a
    main board for a Samsung LN46A540P2FXZA

  4. Adilson Lopes says:

    Hello 🙂 is there any chance to make a firmware update of my LCD Samsung
    LE26S81B? i’m having a problem between my tv box and it. It´s about HDCP Do
    i have to replace the board too? Thanks

  5. Arthur Fellows says:

    Unbelievably easy, this is the $400.00 repair I was quoted? I’m sourcing a
    new board today. Thanks

  6. deucedeuce22oz says:

    Is the “main board” the same thing as a “signal Input Board”?

  7. Ozzyzzo76 says:

    a main board problem can also create audio problems, power supply PS_ON
    problems, and INV_ON problems.

  8. DarkShadowM99 says:

    Nice job. Currently replacing my mainboard for audio problems. No audio
    from speakers nor output unless rca stereo.

  9. Ozzyzzo76 says:

    why are you wearing gloves….this is not a murder?

  10. HDTVEXP77 says:

    If you get the correct part there is no aligment on lcd tv.

  11. Al Sterling says:

    Interesting how many “Samsung” digital TV repair videos “clutter” youtube!?
    After the 61″ DLP set I bought in 2005, and all its problems, and now our
    32″ LCD with main board issues… I’ve pretty much had it with Samsung. I
    pray my small flat screen tv-monitor doesn’t have issues. Many techs lament
    the Japanese-Korean competition to build the “cheapest sets”, as it’s
    greatly reduced quality. Since when should a TV die in the first 3 years…
    ? Technology comes with a price.

  12. Ozzyzzo76 says:

    dont forget to wear booties

  13. Ozzyzzo76 says:

    Samsung recommends that all service techs wear gloves on hands and booties
    on feet. All Samsung techs must be background, and drug screened.

  14. grosbinso says:

    Yes it is

  15. Z says:

    Thanks 🙂