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MW3 ON SAMNSUNG Television set D7000 3D LED.
Movie Rating: 4 / five

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  1. saba1978 says:

    i got samsung 3d led tv and i can tell from my experience that led tv’s
    suck for gaming especially cod kind games. Input lag is horrible even on
    game mod on. I got my self 32inch lg plasma and now i’m all goood so fuck
    led for gaming

  2. Obed Blas says:

    Game mode does not help just go to setting motion plus but it on CLEAR u go
    to go.

  3. ELITEDOZER says:

    @AlleFonta86 oh yea i use to get that when i was playing gears of war and
    its because your auto motion plus is set wrong i have it on standard and it
    works good just go on your menu and picture go all the way down to options
    then on the bottom there auto motion pluc click on that and click again on
    auto motion plus then pick stardard and try it out hope this helps

  4. Jimmy Soto says:

    Set it up on “game mode” it is a huge difference. This video isnt that
    helpful. Here is how you enable game mode. Go to MENU and select SYSTEM and
    select GENERAL and select GAME MODE “ON” and thats it. It shiuldnt lag

  5. ELITEDOZER says:

    @abramtelollo get a 3D blueray player its really good it takes it up to a
    hole new level you will be blown away on how good it looks and on sounds i
    dont have anything yet

  6. arturo cantoran says:


  7. ELITEDOZER says:

    I see what you guys are talking about the input lag I wish make a video
    showing my controller that way you guys can see it Thanks for the comments

  8. flyguyy03 says:

    I dont think most people are talking about the video lagging around. Its
    from the point you push your analog stick and the charecter actually moves.
    I have a samsung LCD ln55b650, and it lags, there is a pause when i move an
    analog stick to the time when my charecter actually moves. I have game mode
    on my current LCD but make the picture looks like garbage. I want to pick
    up the un55d8000 but can’t deal with lagging while playing FPS. Maybe make
    a video showing your controller on camera.

  9. Mert Arslan says:

    this tv is amazing bro d serie is best c serie matt dsiplay

  10. flyguyy03 says:

    Sweet man thanks. I noticed on my older LCD I turned the motion plus
    totally off and didn’t use game mode and the lag is hardly there. So I’m
    sure on these new panels the ms response time has to be lower and better
    then what I have. I might spring for the 8000 series. 55″.

  11. ELITEDOZER says:

    @artqui83 yea thats what i got and also it came with megamind in 3d and all
    4 movies of shrek in 3d

  12. Alessandro Fontana says:

    @ELITEDOZER hello I buy 40d7000 but I see ghosting when i gaming …. how
    can I do to keep the motion plus activated without ghosting? what is your
    setting for motion plus?thx in advance..and sorry for my bad english 🙂

  13. ELITEDOZER says:

    I will make a video

  14. abramtelollo says:

    Is that on ps3? Which one is it is it the un55D7000 right? I have that one
    and i got to say a fucking mazing!!!!! Best tv i could have ever gotten. I
    watch all my blu ray movies on the ps3. Would you reccommend the new
    samsung 3d blu ray players or should i just stick to a regular blue ray?
    What about sound you got any surround sound hooked to it?

  15. arturo cantoran says:

    I just got mine and they give me a free 3d blu ray player plus two active

  16. ELITEDOZER says:

    is your game mode off

  17. arturo cantoran says:

    can you tell me what glasses are you using for 3d?

  18. adrian pellas says:

    SHIT it looooks very realistic 😀 cool man

  19. Hunter Helmsley says:

    hey luv u dude for these awesome gameplay videos . keep up the good work. i
    am going to give thumbs up on all ur videos

  20. ELITEDOZER says:

    I will make a video

  21. DjDBKADerick says:

    Nce video bro can make a video showing the game in 3D using the 3d glasses

  22. ELITEDOZER says:

    @artqui83 no not at all ive played 10hrs straight on mw3 and it handle like
    a champ

  23. nisan sabag says:

    when i connect my samsung tv its still show me the red blue , and the 3d
    doesnt work , do u know why? i tried pushing the 3d button on the tv remote

  24. ELITEDOZER says:

    @rubarusher no i dont have game mode on

  25. koki117 says:

    Hey I just got the same TV but mine has a lot of lag on games I also have
    mines on standard the auto motion plus, please respond.