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Avatar 1080p mkv on TV LED 40″ Samsung 5000 Series

Avatar 1080p mkv 16GB file on External Hd Samsung 320GB Continuacão/Following online video: Much more movies:…

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  1. VL Ly says:

    good to know it is able to read it.And what about resizing subs ?

  2. palkupz kupal says:

    how to go to media player ???

  3. 4610valentin says:

    Tous les tests sont ok tous passes sur cette tv,Les MKV en 1080,720P son
    DTS,AC3,AAC,AVCHD,les divx,les xvid tous passe sans problemes!!!!!!sur dd
    lacies 1TB alimenter

  4. w1p30ut3r says:

    o grito no fundo aos 39s foi satânico!

  5. kukicb says:

    OK, hvala ti.

  6. moapictures says:

    acabei de comprar uma dessas por 2 mil reais, Já deu algum problema a sua
    TV ? fico com medo pois na minha cidade não tem assistencia. Já vou começar
    a baixar uma porrada de videos na net hehehe, muito boa TV

  7. Rodrigo Teodoro says:

    It can read nfts.

  8. Rodrigo Teodoro says:

    @henriquestock Nunca pensei nisto… rs…

  9. bogdy007 says:

    Cool tv man. I’m gonna buy one myself next year. Btw can you view movies
    from the pc via the USB link? I’m asking cause i saw at many tv’s that you
    can watch only pictures and listen to music via USB but not movies… Merry

  10. Rodrigo Teodoro says:

    @AdamCW2k5 Look in the manual for encondings and audio format. The manual
    has a table, compare with your video.

  11. Illya Chaltin says:

    Can you add .srt subtitles?

  12. Mozart Cardoso says:

    ela esta por um otimo preço ! estou pensando em compra-la ! vale a pena ? a
    imagem é bonita ?

  13. joseduenes says:

    How did you set your setting on your tv to give it that quality? i can’t
    seem to make my Samsung Led look like the resolution you have. I have mine
    set up 1920×1080/60i but it still looks like a regular tv 🙁 can anyone
    help me?? please.