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How to Download Samsung Upgrade Firmware After TV Repair Board Replacement (Plasma, LCD, LED)

How to download firmware improve for Samsung Television set boards Essential when replacing BN96-16510 X-Principal boards for TVs. Simply click Here to Purchase Tv set Components: http://little…

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  1. says:

    +Jurjen Polderman I would recommend replacing the main board in your TV.
    Please go to our website and search your TV model number to find compatible
    replacement parts. You can also call our customer
    service for further assistance. (877) 881-6492

  2. Jurjen Polderman says:

    My samsung tv 55C8700 crashed after a firmware crash. Can somebody please
    tell me by e-mail how i can get it back to normal state. It now only blinks
    after it said that the firmware was done for 100 %. My e-mail is Thank you very much.

  3. says:

    NEED TV REPAIR HELP?! If you need help repairing your TV please comment
    below the ShopJimmy video or feel free to send us a YouTube message. Please
    include your TV model number and the symptoms or issues your TV is
    displaying. The more details you can include the faster and more accurate
    our response will be! You may also call our customer service at (877)

  4. Apolloruel Zetroc says:

    but sir after i upgrade my UA32H4000 its shutdown then no power only red
    blink and sounds…what is the i can do to fix this problem…pls…help me

  5. says:

    Best to call us at 877.881.6492 and ask for tech support to troubleshoot
    over the phone.