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NAB Show 2012: New Steadicam Pilot Features (HDMI, HD/SDI) –

Jim is checkng out the new Steadicam Pilot High definition/SDI and HDMI items at NAB Present 2012. Shop for Steadicam merchandise at Filmtools:
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Video Score: 5 / five

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  1. Filmtools says:

    Most likely, it has to do with the unreliability of the HDMI connector.
    With the BNC connector having the ability to lock in place, a coiled cable
    is probably used inside of the expandable carbon pole. They probably used
    the fixed aluminum pole for the HDMI connection so they didn’t have to
    worry about it coming loose, causing signal loss. Hope this helps!

  2. musiccalgary says:

    That was very unhelpful presentation by Peter, almost like he didn’t want
    to talk about the product at all. Unreal. The HDMI version has a static
    aluminum pole where as the HD/SDI version has an expandable carbonlight
    pole… Which is better? And why? Thanks.