LCD TV 123

How to Connect Video and Gaming Devices to LED TV

View to understand the different connections available on your Television set, and to learn how to link your DVD player, sport consoles, VCR, and other movie and gaming de…

Ультратонкий LED телевизор Samsung серии 9000 толщиной 8,3 мм, функцией Recorder на внешний USB носитель (флэш или HDD)? выходом в Интернет, поддержкой Skype…
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  1. Gaberial Frady says:

    im using a sanyo tv it’s very difficult

  2. TheMyKillClan says:

    i got a samsung tv hd and the input for green/yellow you can’t put anything
    it it…i try to put my xbox cords in and it doesn’t go in like theres
    nothing in the fucking hole ipushed so hard too. so mad tv’s cost so much
    and the green input is like fake…

  3. Zaryte x says:

    I don’t get the AV source option on my TV, I tried both the composite set
    up and the red/blue/green set up.. still no AV mode. please help

  4. Connerrx says:

    My tv is mounted onto my wall so this is alot more fucking difficult -.-

  5. Sara Rodriguez says:

    Thanks a lot if I didn’t find this video I couldn’t have worked my tv

  6. jazzy sandhu says:

    i had the same problem but it was fine hen i unpluged wires from the third
    and fourth slot

  7. Joshua Schroeder says:

    I am trying to hook up my Xbox 360 Slim to my T.V but when i do there is no
    Video, and when i hook up the yellow to the shared slot and the rest to
    their appropriate color slot my screen becomes black and white…What do i

  8. Dumitriu Razvan says:

    Thx man without this video i couldn’t plug in my PS2 again!

  9. xZandbakx says:

    @816Dallas damn second

  10. Kelvin Francisco says:


  11. Виктор Литвинов says:

    Это премиум модель. Она обязана быть дорогой.!!!!)

  12. WlodeK says:


  13. Maksim Lebedev says:

    109 000 руб. Все равно еще дорого

  14. Руслан Бадриев says:

    @thegafoo Упс!))) случайно) 270 тыс.

  15. AMIXORP1 says:

    ждём реальной для России цены!!! тем более их и собирают у нас!!!!

  16. zonabt says:

    отличное качество..очень стильный дизайн)

  17. Martin Ned says:

    а щас сколько стоит такой?

  18. thewiggy says:

    @badrikys 270000 000 ? 🙂