LCD TV 123

Mini System MHC-GPX5 – Sony

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  1. andreis1981 says:


  2. Reko Suave says:

    My tv was working perfectly fine n then the sound was fuzzy for a few days
    in n out den out of nowhere the sound was gone I have a flat screen lg don
    kno wat to do

  3. Ernie Cuello says:

    I’m crap with all things tech and i’m still at a loss with my tv, blu ray,
    verizon cable box etc. I still wanted to thank you for taking the time to
    help by putting this vid up. Very good of you to take the time out of your
    life to try and help people. You’re a good man.

  4. SebChillOut360 says:


  5. Balinda M. says:

    We bought a sanyo flatscreen tv a few months ago and now the sound is
    distorted, not all the time but enough that it is a problem. It sounds like
    a fuzzy echo and makes watching tv almost unbearable. Any suggestions?

  6. bananayellow46 says:

    Thank you so much! You rock!

  7. Jaime Olson says:

    Thanks you saved the day! Awesome detailed advice.

  8. Paul Jarman says:

    hi, when iam watching a move on my LG 60inch 1080p plasma through my
    external hard drive my sound will diapers after 40mins, then when i turn
    off hard drive an go to tv i still dont have sound i have to turn tv off an
    then back on an then i have sound, can someone please help me with the
    answer ??

  9. cgrace14 says:

    This was perfect, thanks for the help!

  10. umair aziz says:

    i just bought my Samsung home theater i connect it with my Samsung LED by
    HDMI Cable, now problem is that when i plugged in my USB Drive into TV, the
    audio is coming from tv speakers not from my home theater. Please help me

  11. Spartan117wj says:

    Thanks so much ur video saved us a lot of money kepp making these videos

  12. Tampatec says:

    happy to help u 8^)

  13. MsLeelee94 says:

    unplugged it from the wall turned dvr off like you said waited 5 mins and
    boom it’s working again Thank You so very much. saved me big money

  14. CoriSandlerPottery says:

    wow… you helped me get my sound back. I unplugged, waited 2 minutes and
    then waited 5+ minutes. Turned it back on and voila – it all came back ,
    sound from TV and sound from receiver/speakers. You da best!!!!

  15. Bjsquilter says:

    Wow-rebooting alone did the trick! Thanks for the great tip.

  16. Gracie Garrett says:

    Thank you for the video. I for one really enjoyed it. I liked how you
    showed exactly what you were talking about, by showing us what to look for
    on the back of the tv, etc. I think you did a wonderful job, keep up the
    hard work. You made it so easy to understand, this 56 year old grandma
    understood completely what you were saying. Thanks again.

  17. Yesenia Marquez says:

    How can i fix a sharp aquos i can see whats on but i cant hear anything its
    not the cable box ?

  18. Brandi Wiley says:

    I have a Vizio TV and it worked fine the other day and then later that
    night I turned on the Tv and there was a picture but no sound. I looked it
    up on Google to see what the problems could be and it said stuffed speakers
    or a problem with the audio circuit. I’m wondering how to fix this and will
    it cost a lot of money?

  19. SONICFAN166 says:

    I mean I turned on the TV 34 minutes ago

  20. Joni Marie says:

    Thanks your problem was the input cord..

  21. Tampatec says:

    I use to be directv tech this should work step1, reset directv box & tv by
    unplugging power-cord it for 2 minutes then bootup dtv box wait 5 minutes
    before you press power on button, if Not then check for loose connections
    on hdmi cable or replace hdmi cable, if Not check menu audio settings on
    dtv box or switch dtv hdmi input to another tv’s hdmi input- if not try
    conect component video (red/blue/green video-cables) & rca audio cable
    (red/white cables) straight into your tv’s component input

  22. Илья Устимов says:

    Please tell me the problem SAMSUNG TV sound automatically falls to 0% hotya
    Auto Sound off

  23. Tampatec says:

    if the other buttons work try to reset tv by unplugging power, then try to
    use electronic cleaner, or check internal connections to the buttons.