LCD TV 123

Unboxing Samsung Tv

unboxing my samsung tv set 1080p.
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  1. KreaheNoob says:

    nice tv dude ^^

  2. El Scorcho says:

    Is that the 120hz one or the 60hz one?

  3. SandstonRedneck2 says:

    its gonna be a good night ,I want to see some HD porn on one of those
    that’s why they were invented right

  4. MacGasco says:

    i loved unboxing my ln46a750 back in the day i cant wait to get my
    un46c8000 led

  5. stead10pod says:

    @MuffyCakeMan you can see on the box it says “37” lol

  6. kevinwoolford123 says:

    lol no idea why this was reccomended to me….i wouldnt touch a sammy ever
    again as i had 3 x 50″ go bad on me in under a month from pixel flicker due
    to faulty boards. i got a 32″ for a pc monitor and 50″ for blu ray and
    gaming 🙂

  7. gabsnowboarder says:

    60hz 😉

  8. pantiesfuck12 says:

    learn to edit video buddy !!!!

  9. jokkevandessel says:

    haha, kickoff, you almost blew it xD

  10. stoisha says:

    i got tht one

  11. gabsnowboarder says:


  12. MuffyCakeMan says:

    Hahaha I have the same TV and size, if its a 40, looks like one though,
    works like a beauty!

  13. Joeri Alcatraz says:

    1:31 LMAO xD allmost broken

  14. Nikolai Cielágo says:

    1:33 omg..

  15. gabsnowboarder says:

    sure ! ahah

  16. mifan93 says:

    i bought a 32″ to replace my 19″ i had in my basement about just over 1.5
    yrs ago. now i want a 50″ LOL

  17. UltraShady313 says:


  18. gabsnowboarder says:

    nice le coup de pied xD

  19. kevinwoolford123 says:

    @29razorbock29 yup yup i agree

  20. sukkey says:

    nice tv bro.

  21. Momo4Life95 says:

    Ooo Nice TV .. I’m guessing its the Samsung LE37B530 ^^ I like that TV lol..