LCD TV 123

Hooking up your iPhone or iPod Touch to a TV

In response to a concern from a reader, this transient tutorial displays how to link your Iphone or iPod Touch to a Television set for seeing movies on a bigger screen.

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  1. Produc3r says:

    2:40 wtf he is staring at?

  2. wwonderhazel says:

    Thanks i already order my Cable on ebay, lets see what i get when arrives
    on the mail.

  3. 956rolie1 says:

    Does it work with youtube or netlfix?

  4. Doha Chouaib says:


  5. StarvingSound says:

    This will work for the Iphone 3GS – right? And everything you need comes
    with it?

  6. paigelz04 says:

    @iPhoneLifevideoblog what im confused? I watched a video that said you can
    use the av cable pluged into the tv and your ipod and netflix movies will
    display on your ipod touch

  7. Karwash830 says:

    Can you capture video from your tv to your I phone?

  8. John Painter says:

    @fking0589 Not really, the iPhone 4 is pinned differently than the iPhone
    2G I used in the video. You can either buy a cable direct from Apple or do
    a little research for cheaper cables pinned for iPhone 4G.

  9. TheBlacksabbathfan9 says:

    Ummm that’s a small tv butt cool

  10. Jack Knott says:

    do you need the stand to put the ipod in or can you just use the wires?

  11. Cath Hopkinson says:

    Hi Will it work for apps? I have several exercise apps that i would like to
    few on a large TV screen? thanks for any info you may have.

  12. John Painter says:

    @glittersmcgee Not at this time without jailbreaking your iOS device. You
    can certainly do PowerPoint presentations of the scriptures (or anything)
    which might help, sorry.

  13. LordOfNothingham says:

    @iPhoneLifevideoblog so I take it you can’t stream Netflix movies either?

  14. kidjoker3g says:

    Is there way to use your iPod to record things on your tv? Please respond.

  15. ixcaliber says:

    Alright… now where do I find that cord and how many hundreds of dollars
    do I have to waste on it?

  16. John Painter says:

    @Diegodubal It is a Dynex cable, but you need to keep in mind when the
    video was made it was for an iPhone 2.

  17. Maxwell Davis says:

    Shine bright like ur forehead

  18. John Painter says:

    @kahyceeh No, not without jailbreaking your iPhone. But jailbreaking is not
    too hard, and it has been ruled on as legal now, so you could give that a

  19. nwp93 says:

    Thx nice video but I don’t need this cable cause I mostly will watch the
    video on tv thru my ps3 instead, but good vid thx

  20. John Painter says:

    @groscatoo Sorry to hear of that, but this is one of the limitations with
    using cables that are not “universal” like Apples. It’s very confusing when
    Apple changes the pinning on their devices e.g. an iPhone 2G like in the
    video is pinned differently than your iPod Touch 4th Gen, that’s the
    problem, you can always purchase a cable from Apple, or do some research
    online for cables pinned for iPod Touch 4th Gen. All it not lost, its just
    the cable.

  21. blahstupidful says:

    The cords are only 4 bucks on amazon