LCD TV 123

Samsung 3D TVs – LED, LCD and Plasma

An formal Samsung video clip describing the new 3D TVs and their features, including the potential to enjoy normal 2d television content material in complete 3D enabling customers…
Video clip Score: 4 / 5

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  1. f117f117 says:

    Samsung 電視質數差到無人有, 一買翻黎就睇唔到, 打去永遠無人接, 成個星期都換唔到機, 華麗外表, 垃圾內涵!

  2. Gokai Silver says:

    thats alot of 3d stuff to need to watch 3d,

  3. franky6mt says:

    i got the 58 incher plasma 3d its SICK