LCD TV 123

Gaming on Samsung 46″ 1080p LED SmartTV

In this movie I overview some video clip online games on the Samsung 46″ 1080p LED Smart Tv set. We test out the high quality and display you how effectively the games look on this Television runnin…

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  1. James199566 says:

    the graphics are quite choppy on this tv, i have an lg 42inch and that’s
    just as bad as this

  2. 00Andreas00 says:

    Just use an Xbox 360 or a PS3.

  3. Jairo Beltran says:

    Dear Santa,

  4. Marc-Antoine Boulot says:

    Pretty amazing !!! Can you do a review highlighting his qualities in movies
    (blu-ray) ?

  5. mrSuperfree says:

    Remove the auto brightness from settings and u good to go.

  6. TruGamer128 says:

    Hey, are you still having problems with the TV? were you able to adjust the
    settings to reduce your input lag?

  7. BravoMo1982 says:

    Hi. I noticed that aiming on target in gears 3 is pretty hard with this TV
    which I got on Black Friday. I adjusted the mode to game mode but still
    hard to aim. I do move fairly easy in the game but aiming is hard. Any
    ideas what to do?

  8. Rishi Dholliwar says:

    do feel any input lag

  9. DJmp40gameplayes says:

    i am getting this tv for my room

  10. Alvaro Escalante says:

    Omg yes. I just called them about that and they directed me to that eco
    setting thing. They were both off. This tv blows for that very reason.
    Can’t watch anything with good blacks while still highlighting the subject
    on screen with this tv. -__- if it gets dark on the movie,game,tvs show,
    then it gets REALLY dark on this tv. .. bull.

  11. jonniboy21 says:

    LIke 🙂

  12. Pugachelli says:

    you can turn of the adjusting in the settings. it’s called eco settings or
    some shit