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LCD TV Repair Backlight Inverter Help Review Overview – Common Issues w/ LCD TV Backlight Inverters

Typical backlight inverter difficulties for Liquid crystal display Television set Repair Overview No Impression on monitor, blank monitor, dark display screen mend, correct tutorial Click on Below to Purchase Tv Restore PA…
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Samsung F5500 LED Tv set motion blur check. Full evaluation: set/lcd-led/samsung/f5500 Model tested: UN46F5500 Ought to also be legitimate for t…

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  1. says:

    +Eric Walters I would recommend replacing the power supply in your TV.
    Please reply with your TV model number or you can search the TV model
    number on You can also call our customer service for
    further help with your TV Repair. (877) 881-6492 Thanks and please let us
    know if you have any other questions! 

  2. snipersquad100 says:

    HI I’ve got an ALBA LCD32880HDF in with a back light going off after 30
    secs or so. voltages are a bit of a problem as their not marked on the pcb.
    When it starts up im getting a 24v, 12v, 5.3v, 3.3volts when the back light
    goes off the 24v drops to 18v. So im not sure if I have a PSU or an
    inverter problem or something else.

  3. Ron Giles says:

    I have a Sony Bravia KDL-40V5100. When I try to turn on tv green power
    button comes on but no sound or picture. No flashing red lights either.
    The green power led will sometimes go back off in about a minute. Fuse on
    power board checked out OK and no apparent bulging capacitors.

  4. Brenda H says:

    Hi there. I have a Samsung LN32B360C5D. My tv picture starting going on
    and off and now it’s just off but I do have audio. I think it is the
    backlight converter. Because I don’t have a lot of money right now, I
    would like to try to do this myself. Where can I get the parts (I live in
    Denver). Thanks.

  5. Christopher Blackburn says:

    Can the blacklight inverter also be responsible for half of the screen
    going black? Sometimes you can see through the blackness and see a partial
    image. Sometimes when you tap the top or side of the housing the screen
    will go back to normal for a period of time, or just for a second. It seems
    to fix itself after the tv has been on for a while (one hour or more) and
    is fairly warm. Any ideas? My tv is a SANYO, MODEL#DP46849,

    Any feedback is much appreciated.

  6. serene vision says:


    We are having ghost image issue on sony bravia 46″ LCD tv. Model is Sony
    Bravia Z-Series KDL-46Z4100/B 46-Inch 1080P 120Hz LCD HDTV.
    It started out with lines and then image darkening at the top of screen,
    now it is dark many places in the image on the screen not just top.

    The TV is 2 year old.

    Any help for the cause and fix is appreciated.


  7. Manhattansdad11 says:

    Sony Bravia 46″ model# KDL-46XBR4 with temporary shadow in lower part of
    screen that disappears after 15-20 minutes…. suggest? -Mike, Texas

  8. Carl Eddwards says:

    Just to say the inverter board has gone black in places.

  9. Greg S. says:

    Hello there. I have a vizio gv52lfhdtv10 back light comes on on right side
    only for about 1 sec, then shuts off. i have sound, and can see menu with turns on and off normally. took off back per your
    instructions, and looks like i have 2 bl inverters. how can i tell which
    one is the bad one ? thanks, and go Vikings!!

  10. Jose Santiago says:

    I have a Vizio GV42LFHDTV10A Seial LHAARAH4311389, that when turned on the
    picture flickers or flashes and dark patches on one side with sound, but
    after 15 or so minutes clears up and picture is perfect, it’s been
    happening for several months. Could that be a problem with the backlight
    inverter or the tcon? Thanks in advance

  11. James Longhurst says:

    I’ve got a Sanyo 42″ LCD HDTV model: DP42841. When I turn it on half the
    screen looks fine while the other half of the screen is distorted a bit and
    darker. After about 2 seconds the entire screen goes out completely. The TV
    remains on and back lights remain on but screen is blue or grey in color.
    Sound works fine but there is no picture. Are those symptoms more likely an
    issue with the inverter board, tcon board, or main board? or something

  12. kyle mcmahon says:

    hi i have a dell W2600 and when i power it on on image flashes on for a
    second then goes black but it remains powered on ! would this be and
    inverter ? is it repairable at home ? thanks in advance 🙂 liked and subed 

  13. Poncho Gomez says:

    have 42 inch vizio power on and screen is on no image

  14. Jeremy Brace says:

    Hisense F46V89C

    Serial: F46V89C/C1Z1

    Inverter board product number: SSI4460_08A01 rev.02

    I primarily used tv for video games and I played on night and turned tv off
    and then next morning the tv would turn on with sound, but no picture.

    It also briefly flashed the Hisense logo then go off.

    I opened up the back and the tv does show signs of rust. (It was used
    outdoors under a awning)

    I cleaned connections and rust with 91 percent isopropyl alcohol. I’m under
    the suspicion it’s either a backlight or inverter. The inverter shows signs
    of wear from being outdoors also.

    Is there anyway I can test to determine if it’s back light or inverter?

  15. jose gomez says:

    Hi, I have two question, a} Do you a capacitor repair kit for tha TV. Vizio
    VP322 HDTV10A, and if you have course on line tv Repair.

  16. ladyaimee says:

    Hi! We have a TCL L55P11FZE. Such little information out there about this
    TV! The brand TCL isn’t well known I dont thinks, its a 55inch LED LCD TV.
    We won it in a competition a year ago so gave away our other TVs! From
    watching your other video we have determined it is a backlight issue!
    Picture comes on for just a second but then its gone, sound is on and when
    we flash a torch we can see the picture. Any help would be really

  17. paul dicicco says:

    Hello i have a Samsung ln52a550p3fxza everything is good except the bottom
    the tv has like a light dark shade running across the screen one side looks
    darker then the other would that be an inverter problem.

  18. Carl Eddwards says:

    Hi i have a goodmans LD3255HD the problem is i have a red line running down
    the screen i have up graded the capacitors in the scart and HDMI AND VGA
    board but to no avail.
    I was thing of replacing the inverter board, but i don`t think it is that

  19. Alex Ca says:

    Hi! i have a Samsung tv LN-T4671F and the right side sometimes when i turn
    the tv on is very dark and sometimes is just a little dark that you can
    barely see the difference please let me know what is the problem if you can
    and if you have the parts to fix.
    Thank you in advance 

  20. Annadata Bhargava varun says:

    We have sansui kyuten lcd 202.problem is after turning on the TV the
    picture comes and after sometime the screen becomes dark but still sound some angle we can see moving pictures on TV even though it is dark.i
    suspect this a problem with there anything problem other than
    backlight and how to repair it

  21. ZZstaff says:

    Is the UN40F5000AFXZA picture quality basically the same as the 6030 or

    Thank you.

  22. RtingsTV says:

    The picture quality is the same, only the features are different (smart TV
    and 3D). Also, the 6300 is thinner. If you do not care about those things,
    get the 6030.

  23. dominique jasper says:

    I can get these 6030 440 on Amazon and I can get to 6300 for 510 what would
    be the better choice gaming and movies which has a better picture

  24. dominique jasper says:

    D Samsung 6300 Andy Samsung 60 30 which would be better for gaming I’m
    stuck between these two and why is the 6030 input lag so high if it does
    not have smart futures and why is the 6300 faster and does direct led put
    out a better picture than edge led