LCD TV 123

Samsung UNC6300D 6 Series Slim LED Backlit Smart TV Unboxing & First Look Linus Tech Tips Last but not least likely to be getting heading on some Television unboxings. This seems like a great commencing position.

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  1. MBisFrenchy says:

    For my smart tvs the stand always kind of sucked. You touch the top of the
    TV and it would woble. 

  2. jonathan lopez says:


  3. LShiznit says:

    notice how when ppl are protesting, and prolly dying beautifull things like
    this tv are finally being sold

  4. Irvin Denzel Torcuato says:

    314 views == 314 likes ??? wth

  5. majkel969 says:

    youtube . com / home

  6. ThePaperjin says:

    “They make tv assembly so easy!” *skips 2 screws* lol thanks for the
    unboxing =)

  7. TheFmLOL says:

    WHY iphone???

  8. JonnyFlash80 says:

    A Kensington lock on a 46″ TV is hilarious to me. Also, wow that TV is slim!

  9. DayGhost1000 says:

    @TheGhostaxe Man can’t you count? its 319 likes (at the time i typed this

  10. Amaroqdricaldari says:

    Hey, what’s your birthday Linus?

  11. canadianeh24 says:

    i sell tv’s. and noone reads the fucking “stop:do this before returning…”

  12. abi2478 says:

    perfect for porn movies night with the whole family 😀

  13. Clampy says:

    Linus: Why don’t you do an iPhone 4S size comparison? You are so 2010!


    camera man and linus are a gay couple hahahhaa

  15. Nichebich Nicodemus says:

    ive just bought the 55″ D8005 tv from samsung. it…is… GODLY!

  16. MadSupra354 says:

    This is the Cameraman? Not Slik?