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Hey fellas…below is an additional rapid and simple mend. This Lcd arrived to me and would not energy on. I checked the energy supply and certain enough we experienced a undesirable 2200uf …

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  1. Ismail Tan says:

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Nick Everitt says:

    Big thanks for posting this video. I have two of these monitors that I run
    together in a dual monitor set-up and whilst they are a few years old now I
    was well hacked off when both of them died within 1 month of each other.
    Just repaired the first one (exact same blown cap 2200uf 10v) and having
    never tackled a monitor repair before your video was very helpful. Going to
    have a bash at the other one in the next few days, hopefully that repair
    will go as well as the first.

  3. Jeroen Savat says:

    Exact same cap blown…
    25V 2200 uf, 105° replacement cap is working for me.
    Just to confirm – going up in volts is no problem.
    Thanks for the video!

  4. scarponi2011 says:

    Great video! I had a blinking blue power light and no video. When I opened
    the monitor I had the same blown capacitor. Thanks for the helpful video.

  5. TheElemynt says:

    Unfortunately I have not fixed it. I believe the problem for me lies in the
    back lights inside the screen.

  6. Alan York says:

    Hi TheElemynt, did you manage to fix your Samsung screen? I had problem
    similar to the one in the video, changed capacitor, now I have problem
    similar to yours. Blue LED comes on, but the screen remains blank : (. Any
    ideas? Thanks

  7. choongsmusic says:

    I was able to fix it the exact same way. and for me the blue light didn’t
    come on. it was basically completely unresponsive

  8. choongsmusic says:

    Exact same problem. Wonderful. Fixed it.

  9. Frances Barber says:

    With the power supply broken did the blue light even come on? Mine the blue
    light blinks but the monitor is unresponsive to the power button. Thanks
    for the video.

  10. Aaron Schroeder says:

    Hah, well, if you’re going to be bad, you might as well be consistently
    bad, right Samsung? Just opened up my 2493HM, and guess which capacitor was
    bulging? Thanks a lot for this video man.

  11. Jan Becker says:

    Love it. Looks simple. I’m going to give it a try

  12. zboy303 says:

    Great stuff. Same problem here. Ordered a soldering iron for £10 and a new
    capacitor for 84p. Turns out I’m crap at soldering, but I still managed to
    fix it! Thanks so much.

  13. George Tabakis says:

    Man your video is great, i just saved my monitor!! Got a cap from an old
    broken psu (2200mf-16v) and its working just fine! Took me about 2 hours
    because i didnt have the proper tools-materials. THANKS AGAIN and keep up
    with your good work!