LCD TV 123


The best Television tech out there isn’t 3D, it’s LED. Listed here are the greatest LED Lcd TVs according to CNET. Original video:…
Movie Ranking: 4 / five

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  1. s ga says:

    Nice job… Vizio does indeed kicketh industry ass majorly

  2. ricky lpz says:

    Which one should I buy .. samsung super slim led smart hdtv 1080 120hz
    un46f6300 or the razor m series 50″ vizio smart 3d hdtv with 240hz? :/

  3. wtfisditvoorbullshit says:

    I’m gonna get the Sony kdl 42w655, which is a 42 inch full hd led screen
    for 550 euros. I’ve always had Sony tv’s in my life, and they never break,
    so I’m feeling confident in my choice.

  4. Kino Strong says:

    LG fucking blow. those who buy it are fucking morons

  5. Dee King says:

    ive had my vizio for 3 years and I haven’t had a signle issue with it…its
    been a wonderful tv

  6. Mostafa Refaie says:

    Thats true but most of traditional living rooms have bright lights
    everywhere which plasma TVs would be suck at this circumstance. I assume
    that plasma TVs would be great if you are using it in dark room for home
    cinema or something.However it would consume a lot of electricity plus its
    fat. OLEDs would be the best at this time since it can shut each pixel off
    = 100% DARK

  7. wwe619cenationrvd says:

    sony and samsung are the bestt

  8. jeffs1000 says:

    sony all the way!!!

  9. 真司 府川 says:

    Vizio an industry ass kicker? What a joke.

  10. mach says:

    Foolish guy… do some research before commenting dude. Trust me you don’t
    know what you are talking…

  11. obscuresword says:

    Vizio has nothing to do with Sony.

  12. sumimimi0 says:

    lg or samsung or sony.

  13. Angel Zack says:

    industry ass kicker ???!! you must be kidding me O.o ! looooooooool !

  14. elmamututu says:

    i like number 2

  15. mucisan says:

    no now is lg is best tv

  16. Gioxtream says:

    FUCK Samsung and Sony. Skyworth is the new standard. Quality tv parts from
    this company.Not crap.

  17. Prodigious Soto says:

    I have bad luck with Samsung stuff, they always have problems after a few
    years. Sony is top quality

  18. constantupgrader says:


  19. foredimples529 says:

    vizio is made by Sony.. One of their more popular line of tv’s